Sep 282011
Eagles bench Coleman, Matthews; Allen, Rolle to start Sunday

When a team with Super Bowl dreams starts 1-2, heads are gonna roll.  The process usually starts with the most under-performing area(s), so it’s no surprise the Eagles have made changes at linebacker and safety. Effective this Sunday against the 49ers, the Eagles are benching rookie fourth-round pick and starting weak side (and middle) linebacker [More…]

Sep 282011
Phillies Forum Threads: 9/28 GDT; SI cover, Playoff matchups; more...

Here’s a rundown of some recent/active PSC Phillies message board threads.  Click the title to check out each one. GDT 9/28 – Phils @ Braves 7:10 start.  Blanton (1-2, 5.03 ERA) v. Hudson (16-10, 3.23 ERA)  The Phillies are going for a franchise record win #102.  A win would also be Charlie Manuel’s #646, the most for [More…]

Sep 272011
Wayne Simmonds drops his own hate slur

In last night’s Flyers preseason game, Wayne Simmonds was caught on camera calling the Rangers’ Sean Avery a gay slur.  It sparked quite a firestorm, both with people complaining about a hate term being dropped and then others getting angry about the “PC police” and saying the word wasn’t used as a slur. The Gay & [More…]

Sep 272011
PSC Blogging the Boards: Eagles forum

Here is a listing of recent and/or active threads from the PSC Eagles message board: Mike Vick proves that he’s still the same Mike Vick Few spectacular plays, but the majority of the time it’s terrible decisions & inaccurate passes. And getting injured on a weekly basis. lol @ him getting 100 million Start Vince Young on [More…]

Sep 272011
PSC Blogging the Boards: Phillies forum

Here is a listing of recent and/or active threads from the PSC Phillies message board: GDT 9/27 – Phils @ Braves 7:10 start. Oswalt (8-10, 3.86 ERA) v. Lowe (9-16, 4.92 ERA) The Phils are going for win #101, which I believe would tie Charlie with Gene Mauch for most wins all time by a Phillies [More…]

Sep 262011
Ranting on Reid and the play calling

The play calling in the Eagles loss to the Giants is possibly the worst example of offensive incompetency in the Andy Reid era.  And that’s really saying something considering the number of other horrible games to compare it to. The offense was actually looking fantastic running the ball, mostly thanks to the immense talent of LeSean McCoy.  It [More…]

Sep 252011
Phillies Runaround: Drop doubleheader to Mets; Bastardo tipping pitches; more...

Philadelphia Phillies news, rumors, and stories from around the web.  Click titles for complete articles… Manuel perturbed after Phils drop doubleheader September 25 CSN Philly What, the Phillies worried? Nah, not them. Not the five-time defending and reigning NL East champions. Why should the Phillies worry? They’ve won 98 games 150 into the season … [More…]

Sep 252011
Eagles Runaround: LB shuffling; Seth Joyner honored; Smith a captain; more...

Philadelphia Eagles news, rumors, and stories from around the web.  Click titles for complete articles… Linebacker shuffles under Reid September 25 CSN Philly Andy Reid was asked several times Friday about this week’s linebacker shuffle, and each time he just shrugged it off as no big deal. Finally, in a brief moment of self-deprication, he [More…]