Oct 312011
PSC Eagles Talk: Smackdown the Cowboys 34-7; McCoy; Second place; more...

Well that was fun.  The disappointing 2011 Eagles season was barely a distant memory by the time the clock hit zero in Sunday’s night game.  There’s nothing better to cure a football malaise than a hilarious ass-kicking of the Dallas Cowboys.  The local cockroach Cowboy fans have all scurried under the floorboards (for now), and [More…]

Oct 302011
PSC Phillies Talk: Rollins; Madson; David Wright; Hot Stove; Injury Updates; more...

The World Series is thankfully over, meaning the offseason can offiicially begin and the stink of 2011 can finally start to be washed off. The Phillies have plenty of decisions upcoming, primarily whether and how much to offer to free agents Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Madson.  And that’s really just a start.  It’s going to [More…]

Oct 302011
PSC Flyers Talk: Beat Hurricanes 5-1; Bryzgalov; Jagr; Giroux; more...

After the ridiculous showing Thursday night vs the Jets, the Flyers went out Saturday night against the Carolina Hurricanes and picked up a solid victory.  The offense was strong, Giroux is awesome, Jagr still has sick skills, and Bryzgalov looks to have found a path out of the woods.  Nice. Here’s a sampling of some recent/active [More…]

Oct 282011
Eagles MIA: Joe Banner and Howie Roseman

Before the season started, Joe Banner’s know-it-all smugness and Howie Roseman’s little boy nerd voice were unbearably spread around the radio like the clap in a crack house.  The fantasy footballers were all over the place during preseason, each attempting to outsmarm the other, patting themselves on the back for their “aggressive plan” and how they’re [More…]

Oct 272011
PSC Flyers Talk: Lose 9-8 to Jets; GDT recap; Winter Classic; more...

The good news?  The Flyers offense was on fire Thursday night, putting up eight goals on the newly reborn Winnipeg Jets.  The bad news?  The defense and goaltending were puke-worthy, allowing nine goals in a thrilling but sloppy loss.  Ridiculous. Here’s a sampling of some recent/active threads from the PSC Flyers message board, including the first [More…]

Oct 262011
Phillies Draft: Projecting a High School Prospect's Potential Based On Age

Last week at Baseball Prospectus, Rany Jazayerli posted a great study about the age of high school hitters in the draft. The findings were remarkable. To briefly summarize, he showed that the youngest 20% of high school hitters (defined as 17.81 years old or younger at the time of the draft) in the draft typically [More…]

Oct 262011
BAM on Boxing: Local Rivalries: We Need Them!

Neighborhood rivalries once made Philadelphia a great fight town. Why can’t we return to those days? When junior middleweights Derek Ennis and Gabriel Rosado met July 30, 2010, at the Asylum Arena, it marked the last all-Philadelphia showdown in a major fight. Each fighter brought a strong fan base which added to the intensity of [More…]

Oct 252011
PSC Flyers Talk: Beat Leafs 4-2; Pronger eye injury; more...

The Flyers 4-2 win over the Toronto Maple Leafs on Monday night came with a cost — captain Chris Pronger took a stick to the eye and could miss around 2-3 weeks.  It was a horrible scene, and Pronger’s screams on the ice were blood chilling.  The Flyers are optimistic that Pronger will be OK but it’s just [More…]