Kevin Franklin

Somethin’ Bruin

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Apr 302010

by Kevin Franklin In the immortal words of former Flyers backup goalie, Bobby Taylor: “Whoddathunkit?” For those of you just rotating back to whatever shade of reality that currently haunts your existence, the Philadelphia Flyers are moving on to the the second round of the playoffs. Their opponent? The feckless Boston Bruins. No, not the [More…]

Shall We Dance?

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Apr 172010

by Kevin Franklin History is riddled with underdogs spitting in the face of the neighborhood bully and administering a humbling beating upon its supposed superior foe. Davey didn’t listen to the oddsmakers before he knocked Goliath to the canvas. Cassius Clay upended Sonny Liston, Joe Namath – Beauty Mist pantyhose and all – led the [More…]

The Hurt Locker Room

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Apr 142010

by Kevin Franklin You knew it. You just KNEW it. All the cosmic tumblers were clicking into place. Championship-caliber team? Check. Add arguably the best pitcher in the game? Check. No more Eric Bruntlett? Check. It was all so perfect. Then this: Jimmy Rollins goes on the disabled list (presumably) and Jayson Werth tweaks his [More…]

The Best Offense…

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Apr 122010

by Kevin Franklin Sports are full of axioms: If you have two number one quarterbacks, you don’t have a number one quarterback, you can’t teach height and you score on zero percent of the shots you don’t take. Baseball probably has more proverbs than the other three major sports combined, so it doesn’t need any [More…]

A New Season

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Apr 112010

by Kevin Franklin Sometimes, you stumble upon a moment where all of your senses are brought to life like an orchestra reaching a crescendo. It doesn’t have to be anything earth-shaking, just a particular sound, like a song on the radio, maybe a smell that reminds you of your grandmother’s kitchen at the holidays or [More…]

The Fever

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Apr 072010

by Kevin Franklin It’s a Tuesday night folding over into Wednesday morning and I’m sick. I’m sick because there was no Phillies game tonight. Due to fears of an Opening Day rain out, Major League Baseball inserts an open date on the second day of the season. To baseball fans, it’s a tease. It’s the [More…]