Sep 152010

Eagles QB Kevin Kolb

September 15 Philadelphia Daily News:

Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson said he still has confidence in injured quarterback Kevin Kolb and hopes Kolb returns from a concussion soon “so everybody can get off us a little bit and we can have some success.”

“I just wanna win games, man, that’s all that really matters to me,” Jackson said last night during his weekly appearance on Comcast SportsNet’s “Daily News Live.”

Kolb is our quarterback like coach [Andy] Reid said, and I am not someone that can overrule what a coach says.”

Jackson said that fans need to give Kolb some time to develop, despite the high expectations.

“This is his first game starting and everyone wants to look at it like he hasn’t done too much during preseason, he has hasn’t scored a touchdown yet, but it’s still early,” Jackson said. “A lot of people are sitting here judging it and saying a lot of things, but as a wide receiver in this locker room and working with this guy all offseason and since I have been a rookie, [I can tell you that] he has a lot of potential. It just takes time.”

As for Michael Vick, who helped rally the Eagles after Kolb was sidelined and is likely to start Sunday against Detroit, Jackson said, “Everybody knows how dynamic Michael Vick is and what he is able to do to put pressure on a defense.

“Once we knew Kolb wasn’t coming back into the game, we didn’t have any choice but to rally up our energy around him and help be successful and help us win the game [against Green Bay].””

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