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Eagles FB Leonard Weaver

September 13 Philadelphia Daily News

Jamaal Jackson and Leonard Weaver are veteran leaders for the Eagles, solid citizens, vital cogs.

Weaver, the fullback, played in the Pro Bowl after last season, after bailing out a team that had no short-yardage running game.

The coaching staff was actively encouraging Jackson, the center, to play in yesterday’s opener, a little more than 8 months after ACL surgery, because he is so smooth at recognizing defensive aligments and getting the offensive line synched up.

Neither Jackson (torn right biceps) nor Weaver (left ACL) is likely to play football again this season. We’ll have to see what that means for the Eagles. It certainly isn’t good.

Weaver went down on a play that began with 12 minutes and 6 seconds remaining in the second quarter, his first carry of the season, leaning forward as linebacker Nick Barnett bent his leg backward, grotesquely.

“He’s a phenomenal guy. He’s a phenomenal player, and a phenomenal guy,” Eagles coach Andy Reid said. “That was a very ugly looking injury the way I saw it from the sideline. I could tell right away, and I started walking out on the field almost before the play was over, the way it got hyperextended.”

The Eagles don’t have a real second fullback. Utility back Eldra Buckley, mainly a special-teams player, can fill in at fullback and did yesterday, catching a 10-yard pass but then allowing Charles Woodson to punch it out of his grasp for a fumble.”

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