Eagles’ Kolb is a work in progress

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Aug 292010

Eagles QB Kevin Kolb

August 29 Philadelphia Inquirer

“For months now, we’ve been hearing experts real and self-deluded talk about Kevin Kolb as if he were some kind of Magic Texan who would heal the sick and restore yards-after-catch to the lame.

Kolb will get the ball out quickly.

Kolb will be more accurate.

Kolb won’t throw at receivers’ feet like that other guy always did.

Kolb is a natural leader who will motivate his teammates.

It took a trip to the Show Me State to show what some of us suspected all along: Kolb is too much of a work in progress to be a sure thing. We just haven’t seen enough of him. It’s as ludicrous to anoint him the next Tom Brady as it is to consign him to the Bobby Hoying ash heap.

During Kolb’s performance Friday night in Kansas City, Hoying’s ears must have been ringing. Of course, given the Eagles’ inability to protect him, Kolb’s probably were, too.

But that’s what being an NFL quarterback is. Anyone can look accurate and confident during seven-on-seven drills in training camp. Anyone can stand tall and wait for a receiver to come free when he’s wearing the red, touch-me-not jersey.

The real test is how you handle yourself when there’s someone in your face every other snap. And then it’s how you bounce back in Week 7 after getting knocked around in Weeks 1 through 6, when you have to stand in against the blitz even though your ribs already are throbbing.

Whatever your stance on Donovan McNabb as a quarterback, he was one of the toughest players ever to wear an Eagles uniform. He missed time with serious injuries, of course, but he played hurt plenty of times. And McNabb was fearless, sometimes to his own detriment.

Kolb just hasn’t been through it all yet. Friday night, faced with his first real taste of in-game adversity, he looked anything but Magic.

Let’s get the disclaimers out of the way: It is the preseason. The Eagles were not running their full offense, and they did not game-plan for the Chiefs the way they would in the regular season. DeSean Jackson left the game after one play. Jeremy Maclin played as if he didn’t want to be out there. The offensive line was not good enough, and the blitz pickups were worse.”

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