Mar 272011
Eagles LT Jason Peters

Eagles LT Jason Peters

By Justin Adkins:

It looks like King Dunlap isn’t the only Eagles offensive lineman to corner the market on being an asshole in a car and getting cuffed.  Dunlap was arrested earlier this month for parking his car on a sidewalk and refusing to move, and now starting left tackle Jason Peters is calling Dunlap’s stupidity with a play of his own.

Peters was arrested Friday night/Saturday morning in Shreveport, Louisiana for blasting music in his car and then resisting arrest.

Per Sgt. Bill Goodin of the Shreveport police department (via, police heard very loud music coming from the downtown area and after they approached Peters asking for identification the huge lineman refused, leading to the resisting charge.

Peters posted bond Saturday morning and was released.

According to gossip site, Peters was a guest of a rapper named Rick Ross, who, surprise, was also arrested the same night for a separate issue.

OK, this isn’t the same as getting in a fight or getting busted with drugs or running a Hostel-esque animal torture operation, but it’s still pretty dumb.  Millionaire athletes with time to kill and money to burn really need to remember they are professionals and not act like they’re entitled to do whatever the hell they want.

With the lockout in place, Peters will face no immediate discipline for his escapades, but once the labor mess is sorted out NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has stated that the league’s personal conduct policy will be enforced even for issues that occurred while the players were shut down.

Peters, as inconsistent as he is talented, is still the Eagles best lineman; however, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the team look to the draft for a tackle prospect they can develop to eventually bounce Peters from the roster.

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