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Eagles WR DeSean Jackson

Eagles WR DeSean Jackson

November 4:

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Implications of decision for Eagles’ DeSean Jackson

November 4 Philadelphia Daily News columnist John Smallwood:

“DESEAN JACKSON needs to walk on the side of caution.

This is a time when he needs to put his football instincts aside.

He can’t base the decision he must make in the next day or 2 entirely on a desire to return to the playing field Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts.

This isn’t merely a game-time decision.

It is potentially a career and a quality-of-life decision.

His evaluation needs to be treated with that level of respect and seriousness.

Jackson cleared his concussion testing after visiting with an independent specialist – Dr. William Welch.

He practiced yesterday, and Eagles coach Andy Reid said the team would take things “day by day and see how [Jackson] does.”

At this point, considering the coal-raking they took in Week 1 for putting both quarterback Kevin Kolb and linebacker Stewart Bradley back in the game after they were clearly concussed, the worst thing the Eagles could do is push the envelope with Jackson.

Obviously, most athletes’ first instinct is to get back as soon as possible.

“It feels good,” Jackson said of returning to practice. “Being away from games and practice and things, it’s been hard to sit around and just watch.

“It felt good to get back out there. I don’t know yet [about playing Sunday]. We’ll see how the rest of the week goes.

“We still have a couple of days to really see how I’m doing.”

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Eagles hope to solve Manning this time

November 4 Camden Courier-Post:

“Here he comes with his four league MVPs, his 10 Pro Bowls, his top-three rankings in three major career quarterback categories and his shiny Super Bowl ring.

And with Peyton Manning’s Hall of Fame credentials also come endless cadences, neurotic hand gestures and wild body gyrations that he strategically uses before the snap to play mind games with his opponents.

“I freaking hate it,” Eagles cornerback Asante Samuel said. “But that’s what makes him one of the best players ever. He’s a perfectionist who cares about his craft. That’s the love he’s got for the game.”

The most severe threat to coach Andy Reid’s 11-0 record off the bye week is Manning’s 3-0 career mark against the Eagles. The Colts’ living legend doesn’t just beat the Eagles; he dissects them like a world-famous surgeon.

Manning has completed nearly 70 percent of his passes against the Eagles, thrown seven touchdowns to one interception and has compiled a 136.2 passer rating, his highest against any NFL team.

History says Manning should again carve up an Eagles defense that has allowed the NFL’s fifth-most passing touchdowns and gave up 225 yards and three touchdown catches to one player the last time it took the field, but Manning isn’t a believer in the past dictating the future.

“You’ve got to be careful summarizing three games when one was back in ’99, one was in ’02 and the last was in ’06,” Manning said Wednesday via conference call. “Three different teams, three different game plans. Just for whatever reason, we had good execution on those three days.”

There’s certainly a trend.

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Eagles know Runyan is a winner

November 4 Philadelphia Daily News:

“It still seemed odd yesterday, envisioning the hairy-backed giant who used to trod the NovaCare carpet wearing only a towel and a pair of very large Crocs striding through the corridors of power, presumably in different attire.

“Good for him,” Winston Justice, Jon Runyan’s successor at right tackle, said the day after Runyan was elected to Congress as part of the 2010 Republican tidal wave. “He got right into something after he stopped playing. That’s cool for him.”

Justice, who votes in Florida and lives in Center City during the season, said he didn’t know much about Runyan’s platform or his race in South Jersey against Democratic incumbent John Adler.

“I see him on TV talking, and I’m shocked,” Justice said. “More power to him. Me and Jon probably said two words to each other” in the 2006-2008 seasons, when they played together.

Tight end Brent Celek said he was surprised Runyan ran, “but when he did, I thought for sure he could do it. He’s a hardworking guy that’s smart, willing to work for the country.

“He didn’t speak too much, but when he does speak, he knows what he’s talking about.”

Left guard Todd Herremans expanded on that theme.

“I could see Jon leaning that way toward the end of his career,” Herremans said.

Why so?

“Just his understanding of things,” Herremans said. “He always tried to dig a little deeper into things, try to get like a real solid understanding of them. You’ve got to understand things before you can make changes. So I think that’ll help out.”

“It’s incredible,” said strong safety Quintin Mikell, an Eagle since 2003, who played more games with Runyan than anyone on the current team other than kicker David Akers. “I never knew he was into politics like that until recently. I think he’s an honest guy, he’s a trustworthy guy. Whatever he says, he’s going to do. He’s going to fight for what he believes in. He doesn’t say much, but when he says something, he does it.””

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