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Eagles head coach Andy Reid

Eagles head coach Andy Reid

November 30:

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Samuel feeling ‘pretty good’

November 30 Camden Courier-Post: 

“Asante Samuel said it was difficult watching Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler carve up the Eagles defense Sunday, knowing he could have made a difference if he was able to play.

Samuel, who leads the NFL with seven interceptions, sat out with a knee injury. He said he hopes he’ll be able to play Thursday night when the Eagles face the Houston Texans.

He was listed on the team’s injury report as “limited” during Monday’s practice.

“I’m working everyday to see how it goes,” Samuel said. “I moved around a little bit (during practice). I’m feeling pretty good.”

When asked if he participated in the entire practice, which was closed to the media, Samuel responded: “I participated in a lot of the stuff.”

Joselio Hanson, who normally plays nickel during passing situations, replaced Samuel at cornerback Sunday, and it didn’t go very well for him and the Eagles.

That was the hardest part.

“Being a key part of defense, it’s tough,” Samuel said. “You always feel like you can make a difference because of who you are. I definitely think like that. I feel like I’m a game changer.”

Samuel hurt his knee during the Eagles‘ win Nov. 21.”

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Eagles stay mum after Sunday rant

November 30 Camden Courier-Post:

Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson walked past a gauntlet of reporters Monday without looking up or commenting, leaving questions unanswered about his state of mind in the wake of the Eagles‘ 31-26 loss Sunday to the Chicago Bears.

It was reported Monday that Eagles coach Andy Reid chewed out Jackson in front of the team about his attitude before, during and after the game.

It’s possible Jackson wasn’t paying attention during Reid’s postgame comments. Several players said Reid became as animated as they had seen him.

They were also quick to downplay a confrontation between Reid and Jackson.

“(Reid) didn’t single out DeSean after the game,” Eagles quarterback Michael Vick said. “He was addressing the entire team. And when he’s addressing the team, he wants everyone’s undivided attention, and that’s what we have to give him.”

Added safety Quintin Mikell: “I think everyone is diving into this too deep. (Jackson) is going to be fine.”

Reid wasn’t available to the media Monday. But on his weekly radio show on WIP, Reid refused to discuss what happened in the locker room after the game.

“I don’t get into all that,” Reid said. “It’s over. What happens in there stays in there, and then we move on. I’ve got to start with myself and get myself better as a coach. And then everybody needs to — and they will — take that as an individual, better themselves, and collectively we’ll be better as a football team.

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We still don’t know Jax about what’s bugging DeSean

November 30 Philadelphia Daily News

“First Michael Vick and then Andy Reid tried to lay “DeSeangate” to rest yesterday. But the only person who can truly do that dressed quickly after practice, walked away from reporters waiting to talk to him, and shook his head in refusal when asked if he could spare a minute.

DeSean Jackson could have dialed down the scrutiny by assuring everyone he is on the same page with his quarterback and his coach, that whatever happened in the Soldier Field visitors’ locker room Sunday was of little consequence, that he is looking ahead, isn’t angry or brooding. Jackson didn’t do that, so the controversy lives, at least a little longer.

The Eagles are preparing to play the Houston Texans in just 2 days, so there isn’t going to be a lengthy period of introspection here, of pondering whether Reid bruised the third-year wideout’s feelings when the coach apparently faulted Jackson’s demeanor in front of his teammates, as part of a general lecture. Or whether Jackson more blames himself, Reid or Vick for Sunday’s two catches for 26 yards.

The truth is, all these people – Jackson, Reid and Vick – need one another. There have never been issues among them, unless Jackson faults Reid for not getting him that reworked contract he’d like, but Jackson has been the best of soldiers there since training camp. They have every reason to talk this out and put it away; a source close to the situation indicated Reid and Jackson did so yesterday, even if Jackson wasn’t willing to address the cameras.

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Reid’s locker-room rant adds to Eagles’ strange season

November 30 Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Bob Ford:

“The folks at WikiLeaks are apparently very busy at the moment – but when they have time, it would be nice to know exactly what Eagles coach Andy Reid said to his team following Sunday’s 31-26 loss to the Chicago Bears.

It is a weird world when it is possible to know the inner workings of Iran’s nuclear missile program, but not whether DeSean Jackson was texting or messing with his headphones when Reid jumped him in the cramped visitors’ quarters at Soldier Field.

Regardless of the details, it was something like that. Reid has a short fuse after losses and Eagles veterans know they have to sit there, stone-faced and attentive, when the coach blows off the steam. Later on, in perfect privacy, they can laugh about the show and do their imitations, but not then.

The Whatever Generation either learns that by osmosis, or it learns it as Jackson did Sunday night – with more than 300 pounds of angry man focused upon him. It certainly wasn’t pleasant for the player – but it wasn’t all about him, either, a lesson he still needs to learn.

“He didn’t single DeSean out after the game,” quarterback Michael Vick said Monday after a light practice to prepare for this week’s quick turnaround. “He was addressing the entire team and, you know, when he’s addressing the team, he wants everybody’s undivided attention, and that that’s what we have to give him.”

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The long and short of Eagles playing Thursday

November 30 Philadelphia Daily News columnist Paul Domowitch:

“Daryl Johnston can relate to what the Eagles players were feeling yesterday as they lugged their sore bodies back out onto the practice field to begin preparations for Thursday night’s game against the Houston Texans.

Johnston, who spent 11 seasons playing fullback for Dallas, did this fun short-week thing every November because of the Cowboys’ annual Thanksgiving Day gig.

“It’s not easy,” he said. “It’s tough mentally to get your body prepared right away after a Sunday game.

“The biggest thing is, as soon as the [Sunday] game is over, you’ve really got to start mentally preparing yourself for Thursday. Fight through this and you get Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. Jimmy [Johnson] always gave that to us. He never went back on it. We played poorly at times on Thanksgiving. But he still always gave us Friday, Saturday and Sunday to recover.”

Players usually spend Mondays on a couch or a bed or a massage table, or in a whirlpool or sauna or all of the above, letting their bodies begin the recuperation process from Sunday’s 60 minutes of unnatural abuse. But with another game just 3 days away, recuperation has to take a back seat to preparation. And because of the short week, even the preparation part gets short shrift.

Ordinarily, players are given Monday and Tuesday to recover. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are the primary preparation days for that week’s game, with a final walk-through and meetings on Saturday. But during a short week like this, everything gets condensed.

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There’s a method to Reid’s madness

November 30 Philadelphia Daily News columnist Les Bowen:

“The mystery of the angry Andy is unlikely to have a clear-cut solution.

Eagles coach Andy Reid is never going to tell us exactly why he reacted so viscerally – uncharacteristically so – to Sunday’s loss at Chicago. Even the guys he yelled at don’t really know what made him so prickly.

I’m willing to take a stab at that one, though.

Somewhere along the line, this became more than just a “learn and grow” season. The Eagles are a playoff-worthy team, in a league and conference where there are a whole bunch of those. Too many, in fact. Speculation holds that this will be one of those years when somebody goes 10-6 and misses the postseason, the way the Birds did in 1991.

Reid would prefer his team not be the one in that fix. I think he believes he has a lot of young talent and a quarterback he can win a Super Bowl with, right now, before labor Armageddon arrives in the offseason. What he doesn’t have is a mature group that knows how to handle success.

The Eagles lost a game they could have won Sunday, and the deeper you get into the season, the less tolerable that becomes. Yes, the loss at Tennessee, which involved blowing a 19-10 lead into a 37-19 loss, was more egregious, but that was more than a month ago, before the bye, before the three-game winning streak. The bar is set higher now. Also, the Bears are an NFC team, likely to be part of that huge playoff traffic jam, and the Eagles just gave them a huge boost.

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