Dec 052010
Eagles LT Jason Peters

Eagles LT Jason Peters

December 5:

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Peters shuts down Pro Bowl defenders

December 5 Camden Courier-Post:

“Last year, whenever the Eagles played on Sunday, Jason Peters’ knee would still hurt the following Tuesday and Wednesday.

It would still be swollen, still require treatment from the medical staff, would force him to spend more time in the cold tub and give his knee just three rest days before another 60 minutes of punishment the next Sunday.


“It don’t even bother me no more,” a smiling Peters said after Thursday night’s win over the Texans.

Peters had just neutralized Pro Bowl defensive end Mario Williams, a No. 1 overall pick with two double-digit sack seasons who’s working on his third but couldn’t get his long arms on Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.

Williams had come into the game with three sacks in his past two games and nine in 10 games but exited without adding to his total. Not bad, given that Peters only had three days to study film and take mental notes on Williams’ pass-rushing technique because of the short turnaround from Sunday’s loss in Chicago.”

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With a quarter to go, Eagles in good position

December 5 Philadelphia Inquirer: 

“When Andy Reid and the Eagles look over their 16-game schedule, they break it into quarters – dividing a long grind into manageable chunks.

The third quarter was perhaps the most grueling, with all four games coming within 18 days, but it ultimately was successful and has the Eagles well-positioned for the crucial closing stretch.

“The one thing you do look at is that you’re going into the fourth quarter and you’re within striking distance,” Reid said Friday after the Eagles completed a 3-1 push that assures them of at least a share of the NFC East lead and a long rest before critical road dates at the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants in their next two games.

“We played a lot of games here in a short period of time, and we played some teams that had extended time to get ready for us and were fresh,” Reid said. “It looked like it helped some of the other teams, so I welcome it right now.”

Reid’s teams typically excel as the season winds down and the playoff race intensifies. The coach is 33-13 in December, a .717 winning percentage.

Of the three teams remaining on the 2010 slate, only the Giants, who will host the Eagles on Dec. 19, have a winning record and real playoff hopes. The Minnesota Vikings, whom the Eagles will host on Dec. 26, are talented but have been all but eliminated from playoff contention.”

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DeSean Jackson saga following familiar route with Eagles

December 5 Philadelphia Inquirer columnist John Gonzalez:

“Someone dark and deep and brilliant once said that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. I think it was Charlie Sheen.

You don’t have to look too far into the past to find an example of an ugly and public argument over money between the Eagles‘ organization and one of its players.

Let’s see: There was Sheldon Brown. He’s gone. There was Lito Sheppard. Also gone. Brian Dawkins was a fan favorite. He’s gone, too. Before that, there was Jeremiah Trotter. They got rid of him a few times. And, most infamously, there was Terrell Owens, a man who has the same agent as DeSean Jackson.

The Jackson contract dustup was a real mess for a while. Maybe it still is. Beating the Texans probably helped cool things off – but for how long?

Sources close to the receiver told The Inquirer’s Jeff McLane that Jackson has allowed his contract to become a distraction. The sources also said that Jackson’s preoccupation with getting paid is owed to his agent, Drew Rosenhaus and that Jackson spends “an inordinate amount of time texting with Rosenhaus during the Eagles‘ workday.” All that occurred shortly after Andy Reid reportedly scolded Jackson during a postgame tirade in Chicago.

Jackson turned 24 a few days ago. It must have been a happy birthday.”

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Reid taking too many chances with Vick, just like he did with McNabb

December 5 Philadelphia Inquirer: 

“It is all so familiar to those whose memories haven’t been warped by the backlash against Donovan McNabb.

The Eagles are 8-4, in first place in the NFC East, with a quarter of the season to play. Their offense is putting up big numbers, but their quarterback is paying the price by absorbing too much punishment. Andy Reid is torn between the need to protect his QB and the lure of an ever-more-explosive passing game. He is gambling the quarterback stays upright long enough to reach the Super Bowl.

They talk about Michael Vick now the way previous Eagles talked about McNabb.

“He’s taking hits and spinning off tackles,” running back LeSean McCoy said after Thursday night’s 34-24 win over the Houston Texans. “He takes extra licks. That makes guys want to play with him.”

During the ascending part of his career, McNabb was that guy. He turned sacks into inventive scrambles, big losses into long gains. He endured hits to deliver the ball. His fearless style of play made it impossible for his teammates to give anything but their own best effort.

It became all too easy around here to dismiss McNabb’s achievements after those final few, disappointing seasons. The reality is, those final few, disappointing seasons were largely the result of McNabb’s breaking down after five or six years of playing the way Vick is playing right now.

Blown knees, sports hernia, sprained thumb, busted ankle. The cumulative effect of all that punishment turned McNabb into the less-dynamic, but still more-than-competent, quarterback he was at the end here.

That’s the lesson both Vick and Reid need to grasp now, before history repeats itself with the younger man.”

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