May 302011

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Most Overrated And Underrated OL Eagles

May 30 CSN Philly:

In the third installment of this summer’s Most Overrated and Underrated Eagles of all Time, we take a look at offensive linemen. The Eagles have had plenty of terrible offensive linemen over the years. Anybody heard from David Diaz-Infante, Dennis McKnight or Lonnie Palelei lately? But who are the most overrated and underrated?

Energized Castillo Doing What He Can For Eagles’ Defense

May 30 Allentown Morning Call:

Despite his defensive background as a player and coach much earlier in his career, Juan Castillo is a man with much to prove to himself and the rest of the NFL.  He was named the Eagles‘ new defensive coordinator last February by head coach Andy Reid in a stroke of either bold genius or sheer stupidity. Time will determine which is true.

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