Oct 162010
Eagles QB Kevin Kolb

Eagles QB Kevin Kolb

October 16 Philadelphia Daily News:

This whole “settling in” issue is a bit of a sticky topic for Kolb, with Andy Reid having declared that Vick will retain the starting role pretty much regardless of what Kolb does. So Kolb did not have a thought-provoking answer when asked about his growth process through this extended playing time.

“Well, yeah, that’s the plan, and you hope that’s the way it goes,” Kolb said as the 3-2 Eagles wrapped up preparations to face the 4-1 Falcons. “You have to be ready for anything that happens, though. And the big thing is just for us to win. I don’t care how my stats end up. We just have to come out of this one with a victory, because they’re a good team coming into our house.”

Reid announced that Kolb will start against the Falcons, but he did not want to be pinned down on what role might be available for Vick. Reid said “the improvement he’s making every day” gives him hope that Vick can at least be in uniform. Vick is listed as “questionable.”

“He went from throwing a little bit yesterday, now throwing it a little bit more today. He’s able to take a handoff,” Reid said. “That sounds like an easy thing, but with the way he was hit, he had a lot of pain, he’d pushed his shoulders together [when Vick was sandwiched by two Redskins]. So taking a snap would have been tough a few days ago or a week ago. So he’s able to do that and he doesn’t have the pain that he had before. He’s making a lot of improvement.”

Pressed on what Vick might be available to do against his former team, Reid said: “We’ll just see. We’ll see how it works here the next few days.”

Vick said he is “making progress each and every day,” and “feeling good and ready to go.”

Vick said he still has pain when moving his shoulders, “but I can tolerate it, and it’s not as bad as it was [even] 2 days ago . . . It’s not something where I can’t go out there and function.”

One of the issues Kolb has faced has been defenses concentrating on shutting down DeSean Jackson.

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