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Eagles defensive coordinator Juan Castillo

Eagles defensive coordinator Juan Castillo

By Justin Adkins:

ProFootballTalk.com is generally an informative and entertaining source of news and rumors regarding the National Football League.

Unfortunately, they sometimes generate articles from hack writers (it’s OK, I know I’m a black pot) who apparently are more clueless than the Mets front office.

Recently, it was Gregg “I gave myself the nickname Three G because I’m a d-bag” Rosenthal, who made a pointless and lazy attempt to criticize the Philadelphia fanbase only to come off as a whiny and bitter clown.

Now, the even less talented Evan Silva has cranked the douchebaggery up a notch, attacking new Eagles defensive coordinator Juan Castillo in a rant that borders on sheer ignorance at best, racism at worst.  Silva crucifies the speaking and communication skills of the former offensive line coach, implying that Castillo’s somehow not qualified for the DC job because Castillo isn’t Obama with a gilded teleprompter.

Here’s the offending post:

Presenting the mumbling, stumbling Eagles new defensive boss

When the Eagles shockingly converted offensive line coach Juan Castillo to defensive coordinator on Wednesday, the move was met with heavy criticism.

Whether Castillo is capable of effectively executing defensive play calls, game planning, and motivating linebackers and defensive backs remains to be seen.

One thing of which we’re pretty certain after hearing Castillo with 97.5 The Phanatic’s Mike Missanelli:  Castillo struggles to communicate.

The Eagles’ new defensive coordinator stumbles through the interview (listen here), speaking in the third person, at one point calling the host “Joe” when his name is actually “Mike,” and comparing himself to Rocky Balboa.

So check it out.  And remind yourself to skip all future “opportunities” to listen to interviews with Juan Castillo.

Even without listening to the interview Silva’s criticisms are patently ridiculous. 

First off, Castillo is from Mexico and grew up only speaking Spanish, learning English later on.  He speaks English pretty damn well considering.  Unfortunately, Silva thinks it’s necessary to make light of a guy who sounds a little different than the average whitebread internet blogger.  Pathetic. 

Really, Silva’s argument against Castillo’s communication skills and the allusion to Castillo’s lack of coaching ability was already struck down as ridiculous before Silva even made it.  Castillo may not have been the obvious choice to run the Eagles defense, but this isn’t Castillo’s first coaching job.  He has built one of the best reputations in coaching circles around the league, hailed as a phenomenal offensive line coach who gets the most out of each player he works with.  Castillo communicated just fine with a pretty damn good Eagles offensive line over the past decade. 

Of course, that didn’t stop Silva from implying that Juan’s accent and whatever else will automatically render him incapable of teaching linebackers to blitz gaps.

So do yourself a favor and skip pft for a day.  Better yet, let their overlord, nbcsports.com know how you feel about the way their blog is acting towards a man who “talks a little funny.”

Maybe if enough people do the same, the next time we are subjected to the writing of Evan Silva it will be his desperate plea for a job and/or date on craigslist.

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