Jan 122011
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Look closely for actual Packer fan tears

By Justin Adkins:

Profootballtalk.com’s Gregg Rosenthal, known more for being the love child of Frodo Baggins and an illiterate who can’t spell, has engaged in yet more tired media-on-Philly crime.

Piggy-backing off a story from the Allentown Morning Call, the child-like writer has taken the account of a Packers fan who had his car vandalized after Sunday’s loss and turned it into yet another hyperbolic condemnation of Philly fans everywhere. 

Said the self-titled “Three G”:

Another proud moment for Philadelphia sports fans

Yes, that’s the title of his post on PFT.  Big surprise he goes on to sound like a dick, no?

Philadelphia sports fans always claim they get a bad rap.  Sure, they can be boorish.  But so are fans in New York and Boston!

The unnecessary exclamation point there an obvious attempt at some kind of dig, though he’s really not clever enough to make it work.

Eagles fans got so upset Sunday about their unfair stereotype that they had to take it out on something, like the car of a Packers fan.

A Wisconsin native that now works in Pennsylvania as a college professor attended the Eagles-Packers game with his father.  His Toyota Camry was “stomped on, kicked and beaten.”  Mirrors were broken, wipers torn out, and dents made on the hood, trunk, and roof.

Yes, apparently some drunken a-holes acted like drunken a-holes.  Philly of course being the only region in the country to suffer such a plague.  The people in Denver and Cleveland who throw glass bottles, sometimes at their own players, or the fans in Chicago who assault coaches, are generally sober. 

But only Philly is considered a den iniquity, of course.  That’s generally because the media is incredibly lazy and will latch on to whatever easy one-off story (see: Santa, snowballs, etc) they can in order to avoid having to use any level of thinking or actual effort.

“When I left Green Bay everyone said to be careful — the Philadelphia fans have a reputation,” Peter Coenen (the father) told the Morning Call of Lehigh Valley.  “My son had a Green Bay Packers shirt on. As we drove in, they gave us the finger.”

Oh noes, the finger!

Oh, we didn’t realize the guy had a Packers shirt on.  Dude was asking for it.

Seriously, Gregg?  That’s your best effort at wrapping up this pointless whinefest?  I’d say you’re better than that, but obviously you’re not.

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