Reid doesn’t care for hazing

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Jul 282010

July 28 Philadelphia Inquirer

“Don’t expect to see any Dez Bryant-type protests at Lehigh.

After the Cowboys’ rookie wide receiver refused the training-camp tradition of carrying a veteran’s pads, several Eagles draft picks said – with smiles – that they would not protest if they got saddled with rookie chores.

“You got to put in your time and start from the bottom. The vets have done that, so you got to give them that respect,” said defensive tackle Jeff Owens. “Maybe if he was a [rookie] free agent or a seventh-round draft pick, like myself, he would carry some pads.”

Fellow seventh-rounder Kurt Coleman had a similar take. “Every team has their rookie initiation or rookie thing that they do. If it’s not buying a car or spending too much money, I don’t mind playing along with the game.”

Quarterback Kevin Kolb said Bryant likely made himself a target with his refusal.

“He was probably best just to lay low,” he said. But Kolb said (at least to reporters) that Eagles rookies don’t have to worry. “We’re not allowed to haze here, That’s [coach Andy Reid’s] rule, so we don’t even mess with it. We’re all about business.”

We’ll see what happens when the rest of the veterans report.

Tribute to the champs

A massive reminder of past Eagles glory is painted next to the practice fields: the team’s logo honoring the 50th anniversary of its 1960 NFL championship.

The logo is in the same place where the team placed a tribute to the late defensive coordinator Jim Johnson last year.”

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