Lidge: One bad outing or a red flag?

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Sep 182010
Phillies closer Brad Lidge

Phillies closer Brad Lidge

September 18 Philadelphia Inquirer:

“More than once while in Florida, various Phillies personnel joked before games by asking me what I was writing. “Boring these days, huh?” one said.

For the Phillies, that means full steam ahead. Consistent winning without issues or controversy. Few times this season have we been able to say that.

So it is with that where I begin to try to find something for people to concern themselves with. (That’s my duty, right?) We’ll start here: Brad Lidge. It was but one outing Wednesday — 23 pitches in a complicated season for the Phillies’ closer.

But it was such a terrible performance that it begs a closer look.

“He didn’t have very much,” Charlie Manuel said following Wednesday’s 10-5 win. “He’d probably be the first one to tell you that.”

Another caveat: I was never able to speak to Lidge after Tuesday or Wednesday’s games. Tight deadlines for the dead tree edition of The Inquirer prohibited me from spending a great deal of time in the clubhouse.

On Tuesday, Lidge was sharp despite not having appeared in a game for eight days. Originally, soreness in his right elbow stopped Lidge from pitching in two games, but he proclaimed himself ready Sept. 10. But the Phillies didn’t need him until the 14th.

His slider was sharp. He threw it nine times and it was a strike six of them. He threw his fastball for strikes, too, and closed out a one-run game with a 16-pitch ninth inning.”

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