Jul 292011
Phillies RF Domonic Brown

Could Domonic Brown end up on the Yankees?

OK, things are starting to get a little cracy.  Jayson Stark of ESPN is reporting that the Phillies are willing to trade Domonic Brown to the Astros for Hunter Pence.  That in itself is surprising since it makes no sense to trade Brown, the Phillies most prized prospect with tons of upside.  Without him the future in the outfield becomes murky at best, even if he’s used to acquire a bat like Pence.  Who plays left field next year when Raul Ibanez is gone?  It sure as hell isn’t going to be John Mayberry or Ben Francisco.

But now an even crazier notion is being put out there by Stark bleacherreport.com.  Apparently, the Astros don’t want Brown, instead they want to flip him for more prospects.  And the leading contender in this now three-team trade talk?  The New York Yankees.  Awful. [UPDATE] Stark originated three team trade talk discussion but never mentioned the Yankees.  Apologies for the confusion.

The fact that the Phillies would include Brown in a deal that will also likely include top pitching prospect Jarred Cosart and top power prospect Jonathan Singleton is just amazingly stupid.  The Phillies need offense, now and going forward.  Sacrificing that level of talent would be overpaying to the extreme.

Here’s hoping the Phillies come to their sense and do the right thing.  Of course, figuring out what that is the tricky part.  Make it happen Rube.

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