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Philly Sports Central is your online home for unfiltered, non-corporate Philly sports news and discussion.

We don’t have many rules, so please try to adhere to the few we do have.

1. No porn. I’m sorry. I really am. It’s just bad for business. Everyone loves a fine rack, but because of the effed up moral majority hypocrites in the US, we all have to be afraid of them. If we have, gasp, naked boobies, we could get shut down. Simple as that. And that goes for pretty much any kind of NSFW content, so just don’t post it. The cool thing is if you’re reading this, you’re already on the internet, and the internet has a TON of free porn out there. So open a new tab or window (keep PSC open!) and go to town.

Now, we’re not totally prudes, so feel free to post hot chicks when necessary.  Just remember that we can’t have nips/bush/bare front or back.  Also, if you’re going to post something that you think may get someone yelled at by their boss looking over their shoulder, use the Spoiler tags and give a heads up. 

Please try to keep the main sports boards free of NSFW content, Spoiler-tagged or otherwise (though using some hot chick mojo in a Game Day Thread is fine, just remember the Spoiler tags).  We’d prefer the sports boards be free of too much non-sports stuff, but the OT board is fair game. 

Lastly, if a thread is labeled as containing NSFW content, there is no need to use the Spoiler tags within.  Enter at your own risk, and no crying if you get crap canned because of shaking boobs on PSC.

2. No overt racism or bigotry. Just don’t do it. No dropping of racial epithets, ethnic slurs, or homophobic hate, even in jokes. It’s OK to bust balls, but if you can’t say it to someone’s face without getting punched, don’t say it here. If something is questionable, it may get removed. If that happens, a PM’ed explanation would be forthcoming.

3. No spam. Don’t spam the board with nonsense or an advert for your penis enlargement products. There are other places for that stuff, but not here.

4. No dual accounts. If you need two accounts to post, you’re probably trying to act the douche role. Don’t do it, please. If you’re trying to register another family member who shares your computer/PC, please send a PM to an Admin or Moderator with a heads up.

5. No posting of private information – Please do not disclose or post the private information of any poster without that poster’s permission anywhere on PSC, be it on the boards, in blogs, private messages, etc. This includes names, pictures, Facebook information, etc, even information that may have been found through simple internet stalking, because that person may or may not have realized their information is available publicly. And even if a poster makes that information public in another setting, that poster may not be comfortable with that information being made available on PSC. So don’t post it.

Also, do not post the private information of people associated with posters here, be they friends, family, spurned lovers, etc. As this is a gray area at times, the rules can be interpreted differently, but the bottom line is that if you post something and a board member and/or Moderator or Admin requests that it be removed, do not post that information again.

Please note that if you are a troll and contribute nothing to the board other than trouble, the rules protecting the posters here may not be enforced as strictly for you as those for board members in good standing. So either be a contributing member or don’t post here or you may find yourself embarrassed.

Other than that, have a blast. We’re pretty open here, and the community will dictate the standards. That said, here are some other key points to consider:

* Swearing. We prefer things to be kept as clean as possible, but swearing is going to happen here. Sometimes people cuss. If you don’t like bad words, or aren’t old enough to use bad words, you probably shouldn’t be here. UPDATE – a user controlled swear filter has been added in order to give our users more flexibility with their posting/viewing experience. It defaults to ‘On’, so some words will be ****’d out. However, if you want to see them and have no filter at all, you can disable the filter. To do so, go to Settings, and on the left side, look for My Account, and under that heading find General Settings and click it. Scroll down to the very last section at the bottom, Censorship Option, and click the check box to disable the filter.

* Flaming/Arguing. While we don’t encourage it, we don’t discourage it either. This is a place to discuss Philly sports, not a tea party. People talk crap, other people call them on it. If you act like an idiot, someone may call you one. Your best bet is to not be an idiot, but failing that, try to be funny or witty, it will help to make up for it.

* Sexual Harrassment – Please treat all members of the board with respect. Arguing and swearing during a disagreement is one thing, but overtly using derogatory speech in a sexual manner towards women or even men, gay or straight, is pathetic and isn’t acceptable. If a poster or Mod/Admin asks you to stop sexually harrassing another poster and you continue to do it, you may be asked to leave the board. Bitch, fight, cuss, insult, flame, whatever, but remember that every poster is entitled to a minimum level of dignity.

* Trolls. If you’re a fan of another team, you are more than welcome here. Just be prepared to contribute to conversation; otherwise, you’re going to get slammed. And even then, you may get slammed anyway. Please don’t cry about it. If you’re funny and/or witty, you’ll be just fine. And if you’re just here to troll, you will be asked to leave, but only after you’ve probably been made to cry. So just be prepared to bring your A game.

* Thread management. Sometimes, multiple threads get started on similar topics in similar timeframes. If this happens, those threads will be merged and a re-direct left. Not a big deal. No one is trying to stifle conversation or over-moderate. If you have a concern with why your thread was moved, PM a Mod/Admin.

* Off Topic stuff. This board features a diverse Off Topic board. And that’s where OT items should stay. OT stuff does not belong on the main Sports boards. Other than that, post about anything you want in OT. If enough similar topics pop up, we’ll create a subforum for it. Again, the community dictates here.

* Politics and Religion. These are the two things you’re never supposed to discuss, but we don’t give a shit about that. Discuss away. Just keep it in the Politics & Religion forum. All we ask is that you give people’s perspectives and opinions due consideration and respect, even if you disagree.

* Feedback. Please provide it. On any topic. This board is constantly being evaluated to provide the best user experience possible, so please do your part to help shape your community.

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 Posted by at 11:33 pm on November 26, 2010