Feb 282011
Sixers beat Cavs for fourth straight win

February 28 Philadelphia Inquirer: “A big lead dwindled to a precious few. The 76ers had been in this spot more than a few times this season, and found a way to lose. Worse than finding a way, the team expected to lose. Click here for complete article… Click here to Comment and Discuss on the [More…]

Sixers win fifth in a row at home

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Dec 082010
Sixers win fifth in a row at home

December 8 Philadelphia Daily News: “THE CARROT was dangled by the coach, and the 76ers ran after it as if ending a hunger strike. Coach Doug Collins told his players before last night’s game against the Cleveland Cavaliers that if they won, he would give them today off. Their performance showed just how much an [More…]

Nov 172010
Third quarter's a charm in Cavaliers' win over Sixers

November 17 Philadelphia Daily News: “When teams play against the 76ers, it seems borderline players become good, good players become unstoppable and opponents are able to quickly right wrongs. Heck, the Princeton offense (remember that) even looked good last night for the Cleveland Cavaliers as they dumped the Sixers, 101-93, at Quicken Loans Arena. Jamario [More…]

Nov 062010
Sixers Runaround: 11.06.10; Lose to Cavaliers, Iguodala injured, more...

November 6: Philadelphia 76ers news and stories from around the web… Sixers lose Iguodala to Achilles’ injury, then lose game to Cavs November 6 Philadelphia Daily News: “HALFTIMES haven’t been too good for the 76ers lately. On Wednesday, coach Doug Collins stayed in the locker room at the break, trying to recover from vertigo symptoms. [More…]