Aug 132010
Phillies edge Dodgers in an epic comeback

August 13 Philadelphia Inquirer “After hitting the two-run double that capped an incredible Phillies rally, Carlos Ruiz tried to escape his teammates. But that wasn’t happening. Not on this night. He ran away from the happy mob of players sprinting from the dugout. Brian Schneider and Mike Sweeney were the first to tackle him. “And [More…]

Somethin’ Bruin

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Apr 302010

by Kevin Franklin In the immortal words of former Flyers backup goalie, Bobby Taylor: “Whoddathunkit?” For those of you just rotating back to whatever shade of reality that currently haunts your existence, the Philadelphia Flyers are moving on to the the second round of the playoffs. Their opponent? The feckless Boston Bruins. No, not the [More…]