Nov 142011
PSC Eagles Talk: Lose 21-17 to Cardinals; Vick broken ribs; DeSean; more...

What a disgrace.  What once was anger is now apathy tinged with disgust.  This organization is rotten from the head down, and that doesn’t mean Reid — he’s simply the ample belly of this bumbling beast.  Because there’s no doubt that when Reid finally quits/gets fired, the morons at the very top will find a [More…]

Nov 132011
Eagles bench DeSean Jackson for sleeping through meeting

DeSean Jackson is not having the ideal contract-year season.  He’s disappeared for huge stretches.  He’s not making big plays.  He’s had key drops.  He looks tentative, sometimes even like he’s just trying to avoid that big hit. Well, he won’t have to worry being concussed today as he’s not playing. The Eagles have benched their [More…]