Oct 112011
PSC Eagles Talk: Team to bring in defensive consultant; Tatupu; more...

Things just keep spiraling downward for the 2011 Eagles.  With a defense that can’t tackle or pretty much do anything right ouside of the pass rush, the Eagles are rumored to be taking the comical step of bringing in an outside consultant to “help” the defense.  Wow. The team would be better off just firing [More…]

Sep 272011
PSC Blogging the Boards: Eagles forum

Here is a listing of recent and/or active threads from the PSC Eagles message board: Mike Vick proves that he’s still the same Mike Vick Few spectacular plays, but the majority of the time it’s terrible decisions & inaccurate passes. And getting injured on a weekly basis. lol @ him getting 100 million Start Vince Young on [More…]