Sep 142010
Weaver: Torn ACL felt as horrific as it looked

September 14 Philadelphia Daily News: “It felt about the way it looked, Leonard Weaver said. The Eagles fullback was about to be placed on injured reserve after suffering what Andy Reid termed a “very severe” anterior cruciate ligament tear, when his left leg bent backward during a tackle by Green Bay linebacker Nick Barnett. (The [More…]

Sep 132010
Devastating injuries for Eagles' Weaver, Jamaal Jackson

September 13 Philadelphia Daily News “Jamaal Jackson and Leonard Weaver are veteran leaders for the Eagles, solid citizens, vital cogs. Weaver, the fullback, played in the Pro Bowl after last season, after bailing out a team that had no short-yardage running game. The coaching staff was actively encouraging Jackson, the center, to play in yesterday’s [More…]