Oct 082011
PSC Phillies Talk: Lose NLDS to Cardinals; Ryan Howard achilles injury; more...

I vented on the Phillies crushing NLDS loss earlier, and now here’s a sampling of the venting on the PSC Phillies message board. Click the title to check out each thread.  Read at your own risk as it’s not very pleasant and many, many bad words have been raining like Hurricane Irene Part 2. Thread: [More…]

Oct 082011
Armageddon -- Phillies lose Game 5 and NLDS to Cardinals

The impossible happened.  The Phillies lost the NLDS to the St Louis Cardinals.  Roy Halladay was great but not good enough.  The offense was the failure everyone feared they would be. Anger.  Sadness.  Heartbreak.  Disbelief.  Bitterness.  Disgust.  Disappointment.  How many emotions is it possible to feel at once over something that is supposed to be just [More…]

Oct 062011
PSC Phillies Threads: Lose NLDS Game 4 to Cards; Sky is falling; Game 5 GDT; more...

On Wednesday night the Phillies lost Game 4 of the NLDS to the Cardinals, sparking outrage, agita, twisted panties and possibly dysentery.  It was a bad night. Now we have the fifth and final game of the NLDS to look forward to Friday.  The Cardinals will be playing with little pressure as everyone, despite their [More…]

Oct 052011
PSC Phillies Threads: NLDS discussion; Ben Francisco; Umps cell phone; more...

Here’s a rundown of some recent/active PSC Phillies message board threads.  The Phillies can clinch tonight so anticipation and excitement are ridiculously high. Click the thread title to check out each one: NLDS – GDT Phils at Cards (Game 4) Oswalt vs Jackson [Editor’s note: follow the game and post in the PSC Gameday Thread for Game 4 [More…]

Oct 032011
Phillies Forum Threads: Lee, offense chokes; Remaining NLDS schedule; more...

Here’s a rundown of some recent/active PSC Phillies message board threads.  It was deja vu all over again as the Phillies followed up the Eagles ugly chokejob with one of their own.  People weren’t happy Sunday afternoon, and now after Sunday night it’s even worse.  Enter at your own risk.  Click the thread title to check [More…]

Oct 022011
Playoff pitching experience a major edge for Phillies vs Cardinals

The Cardinals’ Chris Carpenter is an outstanding pitcher, with a wealth of post-season experience.  He will cause the Phils problems in Game 2. The rest of the Cardinals staff is relatively unknown in the postseason. How unknown? Carpenter leads the Cards staff with a whopping 58 1/3 innings of postseason experience and five playoff wins.  [More…]

Oct 012011
Phillies Gameday! NLDS Game 1 vs St Louis Cardinals, 5:07pm

After an excrutiating wait through two off days, the Phillies are finally ready to start the 2011 playoffs. Game time for Game 1 is 5:07pm.  Follow the action and post in the PSC Phillies Gameday Thread here. The discussion has already been going for 30 pages and the game hasn’t even started yet.  Don’t worry, [More…]

Sep 302011
Phillies announce official 25-man roster for NLDS against Cardinals

The Phillies have confirmed the 25-man playoff roster for the series against the Cardinals. They have kept 11 pitchers:  righthanders Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, Vance Worley, Joe Blanton, Kyle Kendrick, Brad Lidge, Ryan Madson, Michael Stutes, and lefthanders Cole Hamels, Cliff Lee, and Antonio Bastardo, . Charlie Manuel will have 14 position players to choose [More…]