Mar 182011
Phillies Runaround 03.18.11; Utley sees specialist, Lidge update, Franske signs extension, more cuts...

By Justin Adkins: Utley to see knee specialist Chase Utley left camp Tuesday night to seek an evaluation from a third-party rehab specialist.  Phillies head trainer Scott Sheridan went with Utley, but general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. won’t disclose the specialist’s name or location, per the Zo Zone. “We’re just trying to give him new techniques [More…]

Mar 172011
GQ calls Phillies fans Worst In America

By Justin Adkins: GQ, a magazine likely struggling to find some kind of relevance again, is the latest in a long line of lazy know-nothing a-holes to publish a list bashing Philadelphia sports fans.  They’re like that one guy you know who never watches sports but acts like he knows what the hell is going on [More…]