Meeks leads Sixers past Bulls, 105-99

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Jan 082011
Meeks leads Sixers past Bulls, 105-99

January 8 Philadelphia Inquirer: “A smile, however brief, crept across Jodie Meeks’ face. And why not? Meeks had just dropped his third three-pointer in a span of time so short you might have missed it while responding to a text message. That third three-pointer, which caused the Meeks smile Friday night, came after he ran [More…]

Dec 222010
No holiday cheer for Sixers in bruising loss to Bulls

December 22 Philadelphia Daily News: “”In an NBA season, you are going to have clunkers,” said Sixers coach Doug Collins after last night’s game against the Chicago Bulls at the United Center. As far as clunkers go, this was the clunkiest. Chicago tore apart a Sixers team that had won eight of 11 going in, [More…]