Somethin’ Bruin

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Apr 302010

by Kevin Franklin In the immortal words of former Flyers backup goalie, Bobby Taylor: “Whoddathunkit?” For those of you just rotating back to whatever shade of reality that currently haunts your existence, the Philadelphia Flyers are moving on to the the second round of the playoffs. Their opponent? The feckless Boston Bruins. No, not the [More…]

Apr 272010

by Mike Prince This past Saturday, the first, second and third-string quarterbacks ran onto the field at Beaver Stadium all wearing the same red jerseys that come with the meaning, “do not hit.” The color red – in this case – also had a different significance, being that each Nittany Lion quarterback was a target. [More…]

Apr 262010

It was a good run, but all self-indulgent articles must come to an end. So without further ado, I present the final piece of the Stabone Over-Analysis of Sports Movies. Over the Top’s Underwhelming Ending I am not done picking on Stallone. I love the man’s movies for what they are. But let’s face it, [More…]

Apr 262010

by Mike Radano The first reaction is usually the same no matter your station in life. “That’s a lot of money.” After that, well, it’s all in perspective. Shortly after 2’s Jim Salsbury broke the news – in other words the first to report not the first to see Todd Zolecki’s column and in [More…]

Apr 212010

by Frank Stabone No need to mess around. Let’s jump right in with some Baseball talk. A League of Their Own: Dottie Hinson’s Character Questioned Dottie is the quintessential five-tool player in women’s baseball. She is the Peaches’ best hitter, fielder and pretty much an assistant coach. With that said, I am calling out Dottie [More…]