May 282010

by Mike Prince Lately, all I keep hearing is how superior of a team the Chicago Blackhawks are to the Flyers. All these so-called “experts” keep telling me that the ‘Hawks will win in five games – six at most. In fact, the brooms might be brought out next week. Hell, some ‘Hawks “fans” will [More…]

A Not So Hot Heat Wave

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May 282010

by Mike Prince “Don’t worry, when it gets hot out, Ryan Howard will be crushing the ball. They’re always like this in April and May.” Philadelphia Phillies fans – ones that have been enduring unexplainable random slumps and early season struggles for as long as the team has been a contender – have heard those [More…]

Excuses Me!

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May 232010

by Kevin Franklin I admit it – I’m a sadist. Whenever the Eagles win, I spend a good portion of my Internet time that evening and the next day reading through the online newspapers of whichever team they vanquished. I enjoy the post-game quotes of the defeated and the hair-pulling columnists either trying to rationalize [More…]

All Aboard the Fanwagon

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May 172010

by Kevin Franklin As Lucifer once sang through Mick Jagger’s nightcrawler lips, “Please allow me to introduce myself.” I am what you might call a typical hardcore fan. I’ve been a diehard Flyers, Eagles and Phillies fan ever since the early 1970s. I have rarely ever missed a game in person, on television, radio or [More…]