2011 MLB Draft order set; Phillies lose first round pick for signing Cliff Lee


By Justin Adkins:

Major League Baseball have confirmed the order for the 2011 Draft.

The Phillies lost their first round pick when they signed Cliff Lee.  When the Nationals signed Jayson Werth, the Phillies gained Washington’s second round pick (#54 overall).  The Nats first round pick was protected because they sucked. 

 The Phillies were also awarded a comp pick between the first and second rounds, #39 overall.

Since that’s all most people care about, I’ll understand if you stop reading now.  If that’s the case, at least go check out the PSC forums now please. 

If you’re still hanging on, here are some more details:

Draft picks cannot be traded thanks to some BS archaic rules that the MLB powers-that-be don’t seem to have the vision and/or conviction to change. 

If a team fails to sign a pick from the previous year’s draft, they are given a pick in the corresponding spot in the next year’s draft.

Three teams pick up 2011 first round picks for getting JD Drew’d last year — the Arizona Diamondbacks get the No. 7 pick for not being able to sign Barret Loux, the San Diego Padres received the No. 10 pick for failing to sign Karsten Whitson, and the Milwaukee Brewers received the No. 15 pick for failing to sign Dylan Covey.

If a team were to sign a player designated a Type A free agent (generally the best ones, though it’s unclear again what process is used to determine this), that team would give up its first round pick to the team the free agent was signed from.  However, if the signing team’s own pick is at 16 or lower, they don’t lose that pick.  The team losing the free agent would then receive a supplemental pick from MLB, sandwiched between the first and second rounds.

The Phillies weren’t the only team to lose a first rounder.  The Washington Nationals were given the No. 23 pick from the Chicago White Sox for signing Adam Dunn.  Boston did a lot of pick-juggling, with the Red Sox getting the No. 19 pick from the Detroit Tigers for signing Victor Martinez, with the Tampa Bay Rays getting the No. 24 pick from Boston for signing Carl Crawford.  Boston then got their pick back when the Texas Rangers signed Adrian Beltre.

No official date for the draft has been set, possibly due to MLB trying to determine the best day and time to air it live.  Here’s a hint – build some drama, and therefore interest, by allowing picks to be traded.

It will be in early June one way or another.

Here’s the full first round:

1.Pittsburgh Pirates
2.Seattle Mariners
3.Arizona Diamondbacks
4.Baltimore Orioles
5.Kansas City Royals
6.Washington Nationals
7.Arizona Diamondbacks
8.Cleveland Indians
9.Chicago Cubs
10.San Diego Padres
11.Houston Astros
12.Milwaukee Brewers
13.New York Mets
14.Florida Marlins
15.Milwaukee Brewers
16.Los Angeles Dodgers
17.Los Angeles Angels
18.Oakland Athletics
19.Boston Red Sox
20.Colorado Rockies
21.Toronto Blue Jays
22.St. Louis Cardinals
23.Washington Nationals
24.Tampa Bay Rays
25.San Diego Padres
26.Boston Red Sox
27.Cincinnati Reds
28.Atlanta Braves
29.San Francisco Giants
30.Minnesota Twins
31.New York Yankees
32.Tampa Bay Rays
33.Texas Rangers

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