Brittany Rogers

Oct 262011
BAM on Boxing: Local Rivalries: We Need Them!

Neighborhood rivalries once made Philadelphia a great fight town. Why can’t we return to those days? When junior middleweights Derek Ennis and Gabriel Rosado met July 30, 2010, at the Asylum Arena, it marked the last all-Philadelphia showdown in a major fight. Each fighter brought a strong fan base which added to the intensity of [More…]

Oct 202011
BAM on Boxing: Bizarre Endings

The recent light-heavyweight championship fight in Los Angeles, CA, between Bernard Hopkins and Chad Dawson had a bizarre ending, to say the least.  The TK0 victory awarded Dawson left a bad taste.  To replay the second round:  Hopkins leaned on Dawson’s back; Dawson lifted Hopkins and tossed him to the canvas; Hopkins suffered a separated [More…]

BAM on Boxing: Critiqued

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Oct 132011
BAM on Boxing: Critiqued

Looking back on my debut as a boxing promoter on Sept. 30 at the National Guard Armory, it turned out to be the most important experience of my life. The fights were exciting. Some ended in ways I expected, others did not, and that is what I love about boxing–the unknown. There was a little [More…]

Oct 062011

When you compare boxing to any of the four major sports—baseball, football, basketball, ice hockey–you will notice there are simply two guys in the ring battling. Yet you rarely to hear a fighter say he did it on his own. Fighters don’t do it alone! The pressure may be on them the night of the [More…]

Sep 232011
BAM on Boxing: The New Ray Robinson

Ray Robinson, not the original Sugar Ray Robinson but the New Ray Robinson, carries the name of an all-time great.  At heart, though, he’s simply a down-to-earth guy trying to make his own way in the world. I asked the New Ray Robinson to talk about himself, but the first thing he wanted to do [More…]

Sep 142011
BAM on Boxing: The Fight; Youngest US female boxing promoter to debut 9/30

Last Friday (Sept. 9) at the Asylum Arena in South Philadelphia there was a boxing card promoted by Peltz Boxing, Don Chargin and Golden Boy.  A quick look at the results were as follows: King Gabriel Rosado defeated Keenan Collins, of Reading, PA, over 10 rounds to win the PA State Junior Middleweight Championship.  Rosado, [More…]

Sep 062011
BAM on Boxing: Philadelphia’s Hottest Fighters

Boxing in Philadelphia can be as erratic as the stock market–up and down, up and down.  Philadelphia is fortunate now because the local fight game is on its way up.  Not because boxing is more popular now than it was 10 years ago, but because many of the fighters coming out of Philadelphia are hot. [More…]

Sep 042011
BAM on Boxing: Gyms and Trainers; The Opponent

Gyms and Trainers Did you ever go into a boxing gym and it was hummin’?   When you walk into one that is popping with activity you can cut the atmosphere with a knife.  All kinds of people are around when the gym is busy–young kids, teenagers, men and women.  Many of them are trying to [More…]