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Jul 082013
Phillies 2013 Prospect Report: Whose Stock Is Up, Whose Is Down?

Over the course of a season, players go hot and cold, but over three months in, it’s generally safe to say that a player performing well is performing well, and one that isn’t, isn’t  Prospect stocks have changed since the beginning of the year, and unfortunately for the Phillies, it seems like more have gone [More…]

Jul 012013
Who is the Phillies #1 Prospect: Biddle vs. Franco

Coming into the season, Jesse Biddle was the near-consensus number one prospect in the Phillies organization.  Keith Law had Adam Morgan ranked just a little higher, but with Morgan’s shoulder injury, he’s out of the picture for now.  Now emerging is third baseman Maikel Franco.  I had him ranked fifth in the organization entering the [More…]

Jun 242013
Phillies Minor Leagues: Williamsport and Gulf Coast League 2013 Preview

Short-season leagues have kicked off in minor league baseball, and that includes two more Phillies affiliates.  With new draftees plus a couple of last year’s big Latin American signings, there are plenty of names to watch in the lower levels.  It’s an easy bet that most won’t ever make it, but perhaps the next Maikel [More…]

Jun 162013
MLB Draft 2013: Phillies Recap and Review - Pitchers

After taking two high school pitchers with their first two picks in the 2012 draft, the Phillies didn’t really add much depth in this draft.  A couple of the college arms could be solid minor leaguers and provide some decent ML innings at some point, but it wouldn’t surprise me if none of the high [More…]

Jun 152013
MLB Draft 2013: Phillies Recap and Review - Position Players

The Phillies drafted more pitchers than hitters in last week’s 2013 draft, but they certainly showed a preference for position players early.  Like a couple years ago when they took players like Roman Quinn and Mitch Walding early on, they really seemed to focus on the infield again, and it’s clear they wanted more depth [More…]

Jun 032013
MLB Draft 2013: Phillies Preview - Position Players

Before I get to potential 2013 picks, I’d like to focus on one hitter drafted in 2006: Domonic Brown.  The Phillies’ left fielder is on fire right now and leads the National League in home runs.  Even if he can’t sustain this power surge, the scouting and development of Brown was great work by those [More…]

May 272013
MLB Draft 2013 Phillies Preview - Pitchers

The 2013 MLB draft is rapidly approaching, and draft boards are probably taking shape.  Mock drafts are starting to be released, and with teams starting to be connected to specific players, it’s time to start previewing which players the Phillies could be interested in.  I’ll start with pitching this week. In the first round, the [More…]

May 212013
Phillies Pre-Draft 2013 Minor League Report: Organizational Depth

With the draft coming up in about two weeks, the Phillies are scrutinizing possible players to add to the organizations.  Teams don’t, and shouldn’t, draft for need at the major league level, but they should see which areas of the organization need depth and if those areas can be addressed through the draft.  Overall, it’s [More…]