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Nov 242010
Spectrum transcended its unremarkable structure

November 24 Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Bob Ford: “By 1 p.m. Tuesday, a good half-hour after an orange, four-ton wrecking ball began tapping the south side of the Spectrum – first gently, then grimly – the hole in this piece of Philadelphia sports history was still not much bigger than the ones Darryl Dawkins left in a [More…]

Nov 122010
The Spectrum Scheduled for Demolition on Nov. 23

November 12 The date has finally been set. The Spectrum will be demolished during a ceremony on Nov. 23. The one-hour wrecking ball event will commence with a free viewing party that is open to the public, including a block party with dollar hot dogs and soft drinks. Philly sports legends Bernie Parent, Bob [More…]

610 WIP vs. 97.5 The Fanatic

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Jul 082010
610 WIP vs. 97.5 The Fanatic Heavyweight 610 WIP and upstart 97.5 The Fanatic are waging a furious battle for the city’s obsessed sports-radio listeners, but the real action is going on off the air. Here, the behind-the-scenes story of how Angelo threatened to walk, what staffers honestly think about Eskin, and, for the first time, what really happened the [More…]

Apr 262010

It was a good run, but all self-indulgent articles must come to an end. So without further ado, I present the final piece of the Stabone Over-Analysis of Sports Movies. Over the Top’s Underwhelming Ending I am not done picking on Stallone. I love the man’s movies for what they are. But let’s face it, [More…]

Apr 212010

by Frank Stabone No need to mess around. Let’s jump right in with some Baseball talk. A League of Their Own: Dottie Hinson’s Character Questioned Dottie is the quintessential five-tool player in women’s baseball. She is the Peaches’ best hitter, fielder and pretty much an assistant coach. With that said, I am calling out Dottie [More…]