Barry Jeffrey Jr.

Oct 102012
The Crow's Nest: Phillies Hot Stove Rumors, October 2012 edition

The Phillies’ top targets are BJ Upton and both Mike Adams and Ryan Madson in the pen free agent wise. Madson would be a heavy incentive deal with lower base and the heat between him and Amaro has supposedly been cooled down. The infatuation with Cody Ross is still there but Boston really would like [More…]

Feb 292012
Breaking Down the 2012 Phillies: Pitching - The Bullpen

If there is a place on the Phillies where they are loaded with Major League ready young players this is it. There are more arms than there are slots. Enough so that the Phillies could field two complete bullpens at the big league level if they so chose to. Last year Brad Lidge, Ryan Madson, [More…]

Feb 242012
Breaking Down the 2012 Phillies: Pitching - The Rotation

Last year the Phillies were going to make history with the greatest rotation in recent baseball history. They did make history as the team won more games than any other Phillies team in history but they also made history as the first team with the greatest rotation to be knocked out in the first round [More…]

Feb 222012
Breaking Down the 2012 Phillies: The Outfield

Two of the three outfield slots are 100% without a doubt set, barring unforeseen injuries. Hunter Pence is the rightfielder and Shane Victorino is patrolling his usual centerfield. After that you have a number of players competing this spring for the leftfield job that belonged to the now departed Lord Voldemort aka Raul Ibanez. Other [More…]

Feb 212012
Breaking Down the 2012 Phillies: Catcher

Andy Seminick played in the 1950 World Series on a broken ankle. Stan Lopata and Benito Santiago each gave us a year of tremendous power. Darren Daulton helped give us 1993. Bob Boone gave us the honor of seeing possibly the best defensive catcher in history and helped give us 1980. Mike Lieberthal gave us [More…]

Feb 182012
Breaking Down the 2012 Phillies - The Infield: Third Base

Third base Towards the end of his tenure as a Phillie it was readily apparent that Pedro Feliz was declining and his days of being an every day player were coming to and end.  It’s the nature of the business in wanting to win championships that you have to replace pieces of your team that [More…]

Feb 162012
Breaking Down the 2012 Phillies - The Infield: Shortstop

Shortstop When the Phillies re-signed Jimmy Rollins most Phillies fans took a breath of relief.  The reason behind this was the fact that some of the names the Phillies were throwing around as potential replacements if Rollins went elsewhere were Alex Gonzalez, Yuniesky Betancourt, and the now retired Orlando Cabrera.  Saying yuck and reaching for [More…]

Feb 152012
Breaking Down the 2012 Phillies - The Infield: Second Base

Chase Utley’s health could make or break the Phillies’ 2012 season The Middle Infield Health. That is the biggest word when it comes to the 2012 Phillies infield picture. It is even more important in the middle infield where there are fewer options than there are on other spots on the team. Chase Utley and [More…]