Frank Stabone

Apr 262010

It was a good run, but all self-indulgent articles must come to an end. So without further ado, I present the final piece of the Stabone Over-Analysis of Sports Movies. Over the Top’s Underwhelming Ending I am not done picking on Stallone. I love the man’s movies for what they are. But let’s face it, [More…]

Apr 212010

by Frank Stabone No need to mess around. Let’s jump right in with some Baseball talk. A League of Their Own: Dottie Hinson’s Character Questioned Dottie is the quintessential five-tool player in women’s baseball. She is the Peaches’ best hitter, fielder and pretty much an assistant coach. With that said, I am calling out Dottie [More…]

Apr 032010

Anyone who knows me can quickly realize that movies and TV define me. To a fault, I am sure. It is no coincidence that my username on message boards happens to be the main character of a mediocre 90s baseball comedy featuring a still fairly senile Gary Busey. Recently The Godfather of this site contacted me [More…]