Kevin Franklin


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Oct 082010

by Kevin Franklin: And so it begins…again. It’s that marvelous time of year when the confluence of the four main team sports meet, criss-cross and over-talk each other like characters in a Robert Altman film. It’s the triple biorhythm peak, the harmonic convergence and hitting all the green lights on the way home from work [More…]

Happy, Happy, Roy, Roy

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Oct 072010
Happy, Happy, Roy, Roy

By Kevin Franklin: Wow. It reads backwards the same way: Wow. It’s been several hours since the Phillies elbowed the Reds in the sternum, 4-0, in the opening salvo of the best of five National League Divisional Series. Several hours after Roy Halladay kicked open the record books and cleat-stamped his name. Several hours after [More…]

Excuses Me!

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May 232010

by Kevin Franklin I admit it – I’m a sadist. Whenever the Eagles win, I spend a good portion of my Internet time that evening and the next day reading through the online newspapers of whichever team they vanquished. I enjoy the post-game quotes of the defeated and the hair-pulling columnists either trying to rationalize [More…]

All Aboard the Fanwagon

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May 172010

by Kevin Franklin As Lucifer once sang through Mick Jagger’s nightcrawler lips, “Please allow me to introduce myself.” I am what you might call a typical hardcore fan. I’ve been a diehard Flyers, Eagles and Phillies fan ever since the early 1970s. I have rarely ever missed a game in person, on television, radio or [More…]