Mike Prince

Jun 292011

A look at some of the Phillies’ former prospects The Phillies may have a recent World Series championship under their belts, as well as one of the best rotations in the history of Major League Baseball, but you don’t get either without making a few sacrifices. Over the past three seasons, Philadelphia has seen its [More…]

Colin Thompson to be a Gator

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May 062011

May 6 montgomerynews.com: Colin Thompson sat down next to his parents and coach, put on a hat that represented the college he would be playing football at in 2012 and beyond, stood up and clapped his hands for everyone in attendance. No, he was not applauding himself for his decision. He was, however, doing the [More…]

May 032011
Grading the Phillies: April 2011

By Mike Prince: One month of the 2011 Major League Baseball season has passed and there are a number of certainties and a number of uncertainties surrounding the Philadelphia Phillies. There has been some superb pitching and there has been some disappointing pitching. There has been some streaky hitting and there has been a whole [More…]

Hard to Believe, Halladay

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Oct 072010
Hard to Believe, Halladay

By Mike Prince, Sportswriter: Philadelphia – When Roy Halladay came to Philadelphia, he not only brought with him the best arm in baseball, but he brought with him an unwavering confidence that allows him to go out and perform like he did on Wednesday. He had waited his entire life for this. He came out [More…]

Oct 062010
Time to Bench Royster, Play Redd is Now

by Mike Prince, Sportswriter: What possible reason could there be that a very highly-touted running back comes into a game, gets a handoff, makes some impressive moves and gains 19 yards on his first play of the game — and then we don’t see him again until the game is basically over? Is the Penn State [More…]

Sep 292010
Halladay All But Solidifies Cy Young Award With Division-Clinching Performance

by Mike Prince: Philadelphia – Sometimes, a trade opportunity comes along that, while it may force you to part with players you’d rather not see go, is just too good to pass up. With his biggest acquisition as the Philadelphia Phillies’ general manager, Ruben Amaro Jr. – who stepped in for Pat Gillick after the [More…]

Aug 162010
Eagles Training Camp Report: Monday, 08.16.10 AM Practice

by Mike Prince Bethlehem, Pa — The final week of training camp began on Monday the same way the previous three have ended. A few players returned from injury and a few players went down with injuries. Asante Samuel was running his mouth for nearly the full two hours, while DeSean Jackson was beating defensive [More…]