Tony Fryckberg

Nov 272011
Looking at the Phillies Arbitration Eligibles, Part 3: The Rest

We recently looked at the arbitration situations of Cole Hamels and Hunter Pence.  So new we’re left with Ben Francisco, Kyle Kendrick, Wilson Valdez, John Bowker, and Scott Mathieson. It’s a good bet that at least two of these guys will be non-tendered and will become free agents. The numbers game will also come into [More…]

Nov 262011
Looking at the Phillies Arbitration Eligibles, Part 2: Hunter Pence

Second on the Phillies’ in-house shopping list is Hunter Pence. Pence went to arbitration last year with the Astros and won, netting himself a 1-year/$6.9 million contract in the process. He’s got 4.156 years of MLB service under his belt and is arbitration eligible for the third time.  Pence actually has some interesting comparables, so [More…]

Nov 242011
Looking at the Phillies Arbitration Eligibles, Part 1: Cole Hamels

A lot of the course of the Phillies offseason will come from how the Phillies’ arbitration eligible players are handled. I’ll take a look here at each player, project the player and club offer, and project how exactly they’ll be paid (if they’re paid) during this offseason. I’ll only use the last two years’ arbitration [More…]

Oct 022011
Playoff pitching experience a major edge for Phillies vs Cardinals

The Cardinals’ Chris Carpenter is an outstanding pitcher, with a wealth of post-season experience.  He will cause the Phils problems in Game 2. The rest of the Cardinals staff is relatively unknown in the postseason. How unknown? Carpenter leads the Cards staff with a whopping 58 1/3 innings of postseason experience and five playoff wins.  [More…]

Jun 292011
2011 Stats and Projections for the Phillies Dominating Big Three

Here is a look at projections for 2011 for the Phillies Big Three, per Roy Halladay: 21-6, 2.40 ERA, 260 1/3 IP, 33 BB, 252 K, 1.03 WHIP Cole Hamels: 18-8, 2.49 ERA, 230 IP, 43 BB, 221 K, 0.96 WHIP Cliff Lee: 18-10, 2.66 ERA, 247 IP, 55 BB, 241 K, 1.07 WHIP [More…]

Dec 312010
2010--What a Difference a Year Makes

By Tony Fryckberg: 2010 was a banner year for Philadelphia sports. No championships, but if a city had a better year without winning one, I’d like to hear about it. A year ago, we were all bitching because that idiot Ruben Amaro Jr. traded away our beloved Cliff Lee for Philippe Aumont and 2 autographed [More…]

Amaro’s Poker Game

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Dec 132010
Amaro's Poker Game

By Tony Fryckberg: 72,193-to-1. Those are the odds in poker of drawing a straight flush. A straight flush is the only hand in poker that can beat four aces. Ruben Amaro has pocket aces, the third ace fell on the turn, and now it’s time for the river card–and he’s all in. The dealer? A [More…]

Nov 222010
A Look Back at Trading the Farm

By Tony Fryckberg: You’d be very remiss to not realize that the moves made by Pat Gillick and Ruben Amaro, Jr. helped the Phils win 4 straight division titles. What most of us haven’t thought about is what exactly happened to all the players we moved in the big deals. So, here we go: 11/7/2007 [More…]