Jul 262010

July 26 Philadelphia Daily News

 “Eagles rookies are scheduled to report to Lehigh this afternoon. Indications yesterday, from a source close to the situation, are that second-round safety Nate Allen might be signed by then. First-round defensive end Brandon Graham probably will not be, a source said.

As you would expect, there have been more second-round signings than first-round signings so far, including yesterday’s inking of Patriots’ second-round tight end Rob Gronkowski. The Pats reportedly got around the logjam that has emerged over the payment of option bonuses in a league that has no CBA beyond this season by giving Gronkow-ski a playing-time incentive; perhaps we can expect something similar in an Allen deal. Allen agent Todd France has not responded to a request for comment. Gronkowski was selected 42nd overall, Allen 37th.

In the second round, defensive tackle Brian Price, taken 35th overall, has signed with the Bucs, as has 55th selection Sean Lee, the Penn State linebacker taken by the Cowboys. Dallas wide receiver Dez Bryant, drafted 24th, is the only first-rounder to sign so far. Because the first-round framework seems far from set, the Eagles’ discussions with Graham’s agent, Joel Segal, have, so far, been preliminary. Segal has not responded to a request for comment.

Graham is expected to compete for the defensive-end spot opposite Trent Cole. At minicamps, he flatly declared he would be signed when camp started, a stance he later had to adjust. Graham later said he would report and attend meetings but just not take the field if he remained unsigned. Unfortunately, that isn’t allowed, as Segal, no doubt, has subsequently informed his client.”

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