Sep 082010

Eagles RT Winston Justice

September 8 Philadelphia Daily News columnist Winston Justice:

“‘WE ARE ALL renting time.”

That is what coach Andy Reid tells us. From the front office down, you never know how long you will last in this business. No matter how many times you hear people say, “It’s just a business,” it never gets any easier to see your friends go and see the dream of playing professional football end for so many around the league.

My wife cried yesterday when she saw some of the names of the guys released. She became upset thinking that these guys and their families won’t be there next week. It is hard this time of year, all the anxiety that surrounds making the final roster. None of us knows what will happen a month from now, a week from now, but that becomes part of the game, part of this crazy business we love so much.

You try not to follow the news or radio about the team. One minute everyone is on your side, the next you’re the latest guy out the door. But here and there, you catch the side comments, and it’s tough. Not just the selfcriticism, but to hear negativity about your teammates hurts, as well. Every man out there tries his hardest. Whether they are the first team or the fourth, for most of us, this is all we have. We give our all because we love the game and have nothing else.

There is no second career in football; you can’t put “run blocking” on your resumé. It is difficult, but that is what we sign up for, a part of the game you cannot change.

There has been a lot of shuffling on the offensive line. Although I liked playing next to Stacy Andrews, I wish him well in Seattle. Reggie Wells is another great addition to the line. I remember watching him on film and he looked a lot taller, but his talent is to be appreciated. It’s all coming together for the new season.”

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