Dec 142011

Philadelphia Eagles logoThe 2011 Eagles are a massive disappointment.  The calls for Andy Reid’s firing are louder than they’ve ever been.  At 5-8, the Dream Team aren’t just a nightmare, they’re a joke. 

Before the season, front office suits Joe Banner and Howie Roseman bleated for all to hear about their “aggressive plan” and how they were “all in” and how “anything less than a Super Bowl is unacceptable” and whatever else they were pounding their chests about. 

It didn’t quite work out that way.  But amazingly, the Eagles aren’t technically dead.  Sure, they are almost guaranteed to be eliminated from the division title hunt, possibly even before kick off against the Jets on Sunday at 4:15. 

But there’s still the Wild Card.

Per the Elias Sports Bureua via Bob Grotz of the Delco Times, the Eagles still have a glimmer of hope.  For the dream to become a reality though some specific outcomes will have to play out.  First and foremost, the Eagles absolutely must win out.  Then, if the Falcons, Bears, Giants, and Cowboys all win their games this weekend the potential exists that the Eagles, Bears, and Lions all finish 8-8 and tied for the Wild Card.

The Lions would then have the tie-break over the Bears and the Eagles-Lions tie-break would come down to strength of schedule.  So depending on how the other teams the Eagles and Lions have faced this season finish out, it could come down to the final whistle in Week 17.

But yeah, don’t count on it.  The Eagles have already bah humbug’d our holidays with their underachieving, poor play, even worse coaching, and overall incompetence. 

Still, the faintest whisper of a chance is better than the anger and frustration built up over this presumably lost season.  Here’s to hoping a portly man in green can deliver us a most-unexpected present.


With Steve Smith now on injured reserve and defensive tackle Cedric Thornton promoted to take his place, there was a spot available on the Eagles 8-man practice squad.  The Eagles have now filled it with wide receiver Jamel Hamler, an undrafted rookie out of Fresno State.

Hamler had previously been on the preseason roster of the Denver Broncos but was cut prior to the regular season with an injury settlement due to a back issue. 

At least the Eagles can now say they have a receiver making less money than DeSean Jackson.

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