Jun 062011
Plaxico Burress leaves prison wearing a Phillies hat

Nice hat, Plax

Former Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress was released from prison today, and in what may or not be an indication of his future, he chose to leave wearing a Phillies hat.

It’s likely wishful thinking.  Burress obviously hopes to sign with someone ASAP and knowing he’s been linked to the Eagles, it makes sense to start currying favor.  The Eagles could possibly consider bringing him in, if just to be used as a red zone target, though Burress’ presence would stifle the development of promising second-year player Riley Cooper. 

Still, even at 34, Burress has value.  If a man who laughs while dogs are tortured and killed can be an Eagle, a jackass who purposely carries an instrument of death into a very crowded nightclub can be one too.  But unlike Vick, Burress is actually deserving of a second chance.  And unlike Vick, what Burress did really was a mistake, albeit a very stupid one that deserved to be punished, but it didn’t indicate a predilection for heinous behavior indicative of a remorseless pyschopath. 

So Burress will get a shot (no pun intended) somewhere, and it can’t hurt for him to get the Eagles attention.  Of course, nothing can be done until the asinine lockout is over, so Burress and the rest of the football world will be forced to sit, wait, and wonder about what is going to happen.  Or maybe he’s watched the Phils on Jail TV and thinks he can be the right handed bat they need right now.

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