Nov 142010
Eagles DE Trent Cole

Eagles DE Trent Cole

November 14 Camden Courier-Post:

Trent Cole doesn’t think Donovan McNabb is a terrible quarterback, but the Eagles‘ Pro Bowl defensive end isn’t exactly scared of him either.

One day after telling Sirius NFL Radio that McNabb is “not that difficult a quarterback to play against,” Cole tried to downplay the comment, saying he was referring to the Redskins collectively, not just his former teammate.

“I didn’t say nothing bad about him,” Cole said Friday at the NovaCare Complex. “It’s a team game, you know what I’m saying? It’s not about how difficult the quarterback is. So I really wasn’t talking about the individual.”

Cole was then asked if his words were taken out of context, if he had spoken exclusively about the Redskins and had his words misinterpreted to be aimed at McNabb, or if the question had simply misled him.

“What I said was what I meant,” responded Cole, who has a team-best seven sacks. “They asked me if he’s a difficult quarterback to go against. I said no, because I don’t think we have a problem with him. We never had a problem with him.”

McNabb passed for a season-low 125 yards in his Oct. 3 homecoming at Lincoln Financial Field, but he threw a 31-yard touchdown pass to Chris Cooley in the Redskins’ 17-12 win.

He’s a six-time Pro Bowl quarterback and has been called the greatest player in Eagles‘ franchise history by the team’s owner and head coach, but Cole suggested that preparing for McNabb isn’t like preparing for some of the NFL’s top stars.

“There are certain guys you have a problem with because they’re great players,” he said, mentioning Titans running back Chris Johnson. “You’ve got to worry about him. He can get out, cut loose.”

Jean-Gilles hopeful

Right guard Max Jean-Gilles is hoping to become the first Eagles player to avoid missing a game after sustaining a concussion.”

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