Jul 182010

July 18 The Times of Trenton columnist Mark Eckel

“For the first time since 1998, the Eagles go to training camp without Donovan McNabb as one of their quarterbacks.It’s Kevin Kolb’s team for the foreseeable future and how the 25-year-old Texan performs will directly relate to the Eagles’ success in that same time frame.

That’s a lot of pressure for a player who has started just two games in his first three seasons. Then again, when a team trades McNabb to make room for you and then gives you a new contract, well, you have to live with it.

“I think the one thing that it tells me is I have a lot of work to do and you never want to let anybody down,” Kolb said. “You especially don’t want to let somebody down whenever they have put that much faith in you and they’ve made those moves to make you the guy.

“That’s a driven force for me and it gives me more energy and more emotion to go out there and make this thing right. That’s my No. 1 focus, going to a Super Bowl and proving everybody right. I’m not trying to prove anyone wrong. I’m trying to prove this organization right for making this move. I know there are a lot of expectations. When you get an extension and you get the starting quarterback position and the franchise, regardless of where you’re at, there’s a lot of pressure and responsibility. I understand all that.””

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