Dec 132010
Eagles WR DeSean Jackson

Eagles WR DeSean Jackson celebrates his amazing TD

By Justin Adkins:

Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson’s amazing 91-yard catch-and-run touchdown had to hurt.  His laugh-out-loud quality “celebration” as he went into the endzone probably hurt more.

And the Dallas Cowboys are predictably shedding tears over it.

“It was disrespectful,” said Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins. “He knew he was going to score. That’s him.”

“He’s a great player,” Cowboys linebacker and notorious whiner Keith Brooking said.  “Obviously when you make a play like that, you’re going to get excited. I don’t think that’s the best part of football, but I guess he did.”

Cowboys corner back Orlando Scandrick was a little less hurt. 

“We’re good friends and hang out in the offseason,” Scandrick said. “He’s just being himself. Some people might say a showboat. But we all play this game. It’s fun, and what goes on between those lines gets left out there. Is it disrespectful? Possibly.”

It’s unknown if Cowboys Pro-Bowl corner Terence Newman was too busy recovering from DeSean’s scorch marks to comment.  Newman appeared to give up on the play, possibly due to his wish to stay out of camera view while DeSean celebrated completely toasting him.

The biggest issue with DeSean’s celebration was the refs completely ridiculous penalty flag for going to the ground in celebration.  That penalty is only supposed to apply to celebrations that occur after the touchdown is scored.  Why the referees felt they could penalize a player for falling into the endzone in the process of actually scoring is something we’ll probably never get an explanation on.  Hopefully the next time a player has to dive for the goal line, Sunday’s crew of officials have the day off.

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