DeSean breaks silence, sort of

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Aug 102010

August 10 Philadelphia Inquirer

“In the context of world events, DeSean Jackson’s first real comments at Eagles training camp rank somewhere in between Lindsay Lohan’s recent stay in the pokey and Brett Favre’s umpteenth retirement. (Is he back yet?)

But on the 15th day of camp – the 12th since the star wide receiver arrived at Lehigh – Jackson briefly broke his vow of silence to reveal how much longer he would remain, well, silent.

“I’ll talk with y’all closer to the regular season,” Jackson said as he got into his black, four-door Porsche following Monday afternoon practice. “Nothing against you guys.”

Whew, that’s a relief.

The daily ritual of asking Jackson to answer a question or two was supposed to start on July 29, but he unexpectedly arrived at Lehigh before the media horde had assembled.

When he was spotted by the media later that day exiting the dorms, Jackson darted to his Porsche and said to awaiting reporters, “I’m not talking,” and sped away.

The next day after practice he ran off the field, football in hand.

“A question, young man?” he was asked.

“No, sir. Not today,” Jackson responded.”

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