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Eagles WR DeSean Jackson at training campAfter holding out for 11 days, DeSean Jackson is finally in Eagles training camp.  Monday afternoon he spoke about his situation.

“Honestly man, it feels good to be back. I’ve been sitting around kind of itching, waiting just to get back out here with my teammates. The atmosphere, everything feels good. With the lockout being so long, and then with the lockout ending I’ve just been kind of sitting around waiting. I feel good to be back and I’m happy to be back out here with my teammates and everything like that.”

So that’s good to hear.  And while it’s still very early in the process, DeSean isn’t complaining about the contract situation.

“Well, that’s not really for me to answer right now”, regarding his demands for a new deal. “I’m going to keep that private for Joe Banner and Drew [Rosenhaus]. I’m here to play football. I want to win games, man.”

Staying positive, DeSean wouldn’t talk holdout either

“I’m not going to get into that. I’m here now; I kind of just want to move forward,” DeSean said regarding whether the holdout helped him.  “I think everything happened for a reason. You know I had to handle my business just as well. I’m just happy to be here. I want to move forward, I don’t want to talk about the past. Everything happened for a reason. I’m just really happy to be here with my teammates.”

And while he may have been holding out and not practicing, the gamebreaking receiver was still working out and preparing for the season.

“I’m in great shape, honestly. I’ve been back home just working out every day, haven’t missed a day of working out. Been kind of just thinking and things like that to myself. I feel the plan that we have is great. The relationship I have with the team and the front office, I think everything will work out. ”

One of the biggest unknows surrounding Jackson’s return would be whether he’d actually engage in real practices while waiting for a new contract.  If he suffers a devastating injury like a ruptured achilles or an ACL tear, his hopes for a mega-deal will circle the drain faster than a four year-old’s dead goldfish.  That said, DeSean insists it will be pretty much business as usual out on the practice field.

“I will play, I will practice, I just kind of have to ease my way back into it as Coach Reid and myself talked about. I’m just ready to play, ready to get going.”

All of that sounds great.  Of course, it’ll be very interesting though to see how future quotes sound if a week from now there’s been no progress on a new contract.  There was already a little preview of what could come this afternoon when camp was turned into a bit of a circus with the arrival this afternoon of DeSean’s agent Drew Rosenhaus.  Rosenhaus and entourage at first tried to visit the sideline, but since the Eagles don’t allow that security personnel escorted Rosenhaus to the stands to sit with the fans, all with cameras rolling and flashes popping. 

It’s not exactly driveway sit-ups but it’s a bit of ominous foreshadowing of what could happen if Jackson doesn’t get paid ASAP.

In the meantime, it will be nice to see DeSean blowing by safteties and catching bombs again.


Today the Eagles signed former Redskins defensive end Chris Wilson.  Don’t get too attached because the next time you read his name it’s likely going to say “Eagles cut defensive Chris Wilson.” 

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