Nov 112010
The old (same?) Mick Vick

The old (same?) Mick Vick

By Justin Adkins

The Mike Vick play-well-and-act-right-and-get-paid campaign is showing another crack.  Though not as serious as hosting a birthday bash that ends with gunplay, it’s definitely a sign of the old Vick still lurking under the facade. 

Despite the risk of injury and especially fumbling, Vick refuses to play smart and slide when necessary.  And he’s perfectly OK with that. 

After Sunday’s game with the Colts, Vick displayed the same casual arrogance that defined his prior football career, the one that was derailed after he was busted for running a gambling and dog-fighting operation, one where he admitted to the heinous, unnecessary torture and killing of defenseless animals. 

“I play this game the way I play it and I’m not going to change. … I’m not going to play this game scared or hesitant or conservative,” he said. 

Vick was admittedly the last to arrive and the first to leave the Falcons facility despite being the hundred million dollar starting quarterback.  Is that type of mentality now peeking through the shutters of the current Dudley Do-Right routine? 

Questioned by reporters Thursday regarding the subject, Vick’s defiance continued. 

“I don’t know how to do it,” Vick said. “I don’t know how to slide, so I won’t get into that right now. I either get down, I go head first or dive or just fall. For some reason, I always think I’m going to get hurt or something crazy’s going to happen.” 

That last line is key.  It sounds like the issue is not that he doesn’t know how to slide so much that he thinks it’s a bad idea, despite what every coach, both before in Atlanta and now in Philadelphia, has been telling him. 

While his insistence on playing the tough guy role is usually something that is celebrated, it shouldn’t be if the possible end result is detrimental to the team.  

And if Vick really doesn’t know how to slide, it’s not because he’s unable, it’s because he refuses to learn. 

“It won’t happen,” Vick said. “I did it before down in Atlanta. It didn’t work.” 

The hyper-athletic quarterback has the ability to slide or at least the ability to learn how to, yet refuses to do so, despite the risks, both to the team’s fortune as well as his own.  

Some things never change. 

Or is it just that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? 

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