Oct 052010
Eagles RB LeSean McCoy

Eagles RB LeSean McCoy

October 5 Philadelphia Daily News:

MICHAEL VICK was able to walk yesterday without grimacing with each arm movement. “Better,” he said, when asked how he felt.

Last night, Vick told a radio show in Virginia that he expects to be sidelined 1 or 2 weeks; then he acknowledged he doesn’t really know how long he’ll be out, but feels he is a fast healer.

“There is some cartilage damage up in there and a small fracture up in there, so maybe a week, maybe 2 weeks. We’ll have to see,” Vick told WXTG Radio 102.1 The Game and “The Bruce Smith Show.” “I’ve got some cartilage damage up in there, in the upper area of my ribs. I just have to work through it. I’ve always been a quick healer. It won’t be no more than 1, 2 weeks hopefully.”

Traversing the NovaCare corridor, and talking on the radio, is a little different from playing quarterback. Eagles coach Andy Reid announced that Vick has cracked rib cartilage, “up high in that second and third rib . . . high in the sternum.” Adding to the chestfest, Reid announced that running back LeSean McCoy suffered a broken rib near halftime of Sunday’s 17-12 loss to the Redskins, then played the second half.

The concussions suffered by corner Asante Samuel and wideout Riley Cooper seemed less serious – Reid described them as “mild” – though both, of course, have to navigate testing protocols before they are cleared to play Sunday night at San Francisco.

Reid did not offer any timetables, other than to say Vick’s status was “day to day, week to week,” and that McCoy “possibly” could play this week with extra padding. His injury presumably is much lower on his chest than Vick’s.

The Eagles did not make any medical personnel available to reporters. Dr. Art Bartolozzi, a former team orthopedist for the Eagles and the Flyers who is not involved in Vick’s treatment, said he would estimate anywhere from a 2-to-6-week absence for a quarterback with such an injury. Dr. David Rubenstein, a Sixers team orthopedist, also not involved in Vick’s treatment, said on Comcast SportsNet’s “Daily News Live” he would classify Vick’s chances of playing this weekend as “very remote.”

Bartolozzi said Vick will first have to get to the point where he can take a deep breath, after cracking the tissue that connects the ribs to the breastbone. Then, “the rib cage and muscles will have to stabilize.” Bartolozzi said a throwing motion will aggravate the injury, if Vick tries to play before it completely heals – a point echoed by Rubenstein.

“The most important thing is just rest,” Vick said in his radio appearance. “There is really nothing you can do for a rib injury, especially in the upper part of your rib cage. I’ll get rest, I’ve got a hyperbaric machine and I’ll be spending a lot of time in that trying to restore my blood cells. I’ll stay in the treatment room, getting ice for it and just trying to get movement.”

Vick was injured late in the first quarter when Redskins defensive backs Kareem Moore and DeAngelo Hall slammed into him at the same instant from opposite directions, one Redskin on each shoulder as Vick lunged for the end zone. Given the freak circumstance, “it could have been worse,” Bartolozzi said.

Bartolozzi said the injury “feels like a broken rib,” but healing actually is tougher to gauge than the knitting of a bone.

After San Francisco, the Eagles host Atlanta, then travel to Tennessee before their Halloween bye week. If Vick were to rest through the bye, he could return Nov. 7, at home against the Colts.”

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