Mar 052011
Eagles OT King Dunlap

Eagles OT King Dunlap

By Justin Adkins:

Eagles offensive tackle King Dunlap has been arrested in Nashville for reckless driving and disorderly conduct.  The charges should also include “stubborn stupidity.”

On Friday at a little after 5pm, Dunlap was busted for driving his Cadillac Escalade onto the sidewalk in front of the doors of the Bridgestone Arena, site of an SEC women’s basketball tournament game. 

Per local paper the Tennessean, Dunlap parked his SUV on the plaza directly in front of the exit doors.  Since most folks only pull stupid stunts like that if they’re drunk, it’s not surprising that Dunlap was quickly confronted by the police.  When asked why he was parking on the sidewalk, Dunlap responded that he needed to pick up his wheelchair-bound father.

That sounds like a good thing, though it’s unknown whether the father’s wheelchair had no wheels and therefore couldn’t roll on the sidewalk towards the legal, safe parking area.

After being advised by police to park in said safe, legal parking area Dunlap still refused to move.  Officers offered to assist Dunlap with getting his father in the vehicle but Dunlap still refused to move, even after the police advised Dunlap that he would be arrested if he failed to immediately comply.  Dunlap refused again and was summarily arrested.  Shocker. 

Despite apparently being stubborn and uncooperative when asked to park properly, it’s reported that Dunlap did not resist arrest or cause any trouble.  Bail was set at $1,000.

Most people can appreciate the concept of going above and beyond to care for a family member, and we have not contacted Dunlap for his side of the story, but just a basic observation of the alleged facts here makes you wonder if Dunlap isn’t a complete moron.  At first glance this seems like it could be a case of Dunlap suffering from a classic case of the “do you know who I am?” syndrome that seems to affect many athletes, causing them to think that rules don’t apply to them.

If a better explanation for Dunlap’s apparent disregard for rules and public safety is disclosed, we’ll be glad to put it out there.  Until then, despite the noble-sounding intent of his actions, Dunlap is a jackass. 

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