Dec 242011
Eagles RB LeSean McCoy

LeSean McCoy was a rare bright spot in a wasted season

Despite their easy 20-7 victory over the Dallas Cowboys Sunday evening, the Eagles 2011 season is over.  That’s because just as their game was starting the Giants defeated the Jets, officially eliminating the Eagles from playoff contention.

To have had any hope of winning the division, the Eagles needed to win out while having the Jets beat the Giants this week and then to have the Giants beat the Cowboys to close the season.

So with the Giants beating the Jets the Eagles 2011 debacle of a season can now finally be put out of its misery.  At 7-8, the best they can do is finish at .500 with a victory over the Redskins in Week 17.

Prior to the season, Eagles president Joe Banner said anything less than a Super Bowl victory would be considered a failure.  This underachieving group, epitomized by their arrogant, incompetent coach and braindead quarterback, couldn’t even make the playoffs.

Unfortunately, the team showed enough late that the thing the organization needs most, a massive enema, will likely be delayed by at least one more year.

Until then, all we have is another offseason to talk about what might have been.

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